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It appears that too many of us must hate and judge.  We seem to find ways to hate each other, and to look down and judge people who are not like us.  Though civilization has been around a long time, we seem to be becoming more hateful, bigoted, and ignorant in these matters.  The thought process goes something like: I am listening to those people with whom I agree, I know what's right, I have my guns, I have found my church, I have found my neighborhood, ad infinitum.  May we pause for one moment, please?

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." -Mother Teresa

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The nation is somewhat more focused on deliberating about guns in America, and what to do about the gun fixation in this country.  It isn't only the National Rifle Association that is spending and fighting against any control of the gun craziness.  Yes, it is craziness.  Let's start with the Second Amendment distortion.

The Second Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights because this new nation had just come through a revolutionary war in which individual gun ownership was important.  The war was fought thousands of miles away from England, so it was somewhat easy to defeat an organized army with rifle-toting farmers.  So, it was natural to put something in the Constitution to acknowledge this phenomenon, lest this tiny new nation is again threatened by "tyranny."  And almost every citizen in the new U.S. had a rifle to hunt  for food.  It was a necessity.  And the rifles on 1776 were simple pieces of equipment firing one round.  The Founding Fathers could not have imagined the mechanical guns of today.  The old fashioned machine gun was still years away from being invented.  A rifle in a 1776 household was as normal and as necessary as a fireplace.  We were basically a rural, somewhat primitive society.

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C'mon, I am sick and tired of the obfiscation, the excuses, the intentional diversion, and the lies of those who defend our gun craziness in America.  We own more guns per capita than any western society.  We kill more people with guns per capita than any industrial society.  We have more mass shootings than any nation.  There is no argument, the American nation and the American society are sick.  And war and guns are a big part of it.  We have a male population that exhibits a lack of real manhood and tries to camouflage it with the pseudo-toughness of war and guns.  It is a sickness.

As the parents of the little children shot and killed in an elementary school in Connecticut gathered to express themselves about the future of the school building, the impact that event has had on their lives, the lingering depression, etc., one mother said she misses her little boy so much that she still reaches down to take his hand when she is walking.  That burns its way into your heart and soul.  Meanwhile some gun advocates are screaming about the Second Amendment.  They want their right to a 21st century assault rifle, with a clip for as many bullets as the want.  Well, Mr. Gun Advocate: boo-hoo.  Your little shoot-em-up days should have been put to rest when you were about 8 years old.  The gun does not make you a man!

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Cullen Murphy has written a book titled GOD'S JURY.  In it he describes the nature and specifics of the Three Inquisitions.  One, led by a Pope in the Vatican, murdered just about all they considered unworthy of being acceptable Christians, and finally ran out of firewood and it ended.  The Second Inquisition, was intended to get rid of people of other faiths who were secretly practicing "outside" the Vatican's set of rules.  It similarly ended when all the Jews and other "unworthy" Christians were tortured, killed, or exiled from Spain.  The Third, aimed at Protestants and open reading of the new printing press, ended when the Enlightenment began to herald in a new era of thinking.  However the Enlightenment never seemed to "catch on" with Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and the right-wingers in the United States.

Why draw a parallel between the Cheney years and the Inquisition?  For many reasons, but an obvious one is that both used similar means of torture.  At least one captive died at Guantanamo during the Bush-Cheney years from the Inquisition's "pulley method" of torture.  And water boarding, which the Bush-Cheney cabal said was not torture, was officially labeled torture by the Vatican who practiced it openly and commonly during the Inquisition.

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 The current President of the United States is outstanding.  He and his family represent the best in America. In fact, the entire conduct and representation they present to the nation and the world is quite special.

It is interesting to watch, read, and listen to the right-wing extremists, the bigots, the gun nuts, the greedy, the war corporations, the radio screamers, etc. look for ways to try and demean him.  Lies about his nationality, lies about him in general have been disgusting.  We are fortunate to have a man of President Obama's taste, intellect, and principles in the White House.  Think back just over 4 years ago to see the stark difference.  President Bush began as President with a budget surplus from the Clinton years.  Bush destroyed the national budget by pandering to the war corporations and greed-mongers who were "buddies."   Bush started two wars, at least one of which was unnecessary, and the other was atrociously conducted.  Bush spent like a drunken sailor.  He nearly ruined the American economy and would have if he were not limited to just two terms.  Guess who benefited from these excessive adventures?  Guess who got the brunt of the benefits from his tax revisions?  Guess who Bush passed all this to?

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Gov. Walker's lack of education

One doesn't have to sit in a college classroom or receive a degree to be talented and insightful.  But it helps. And the more we get a view of Governor Scott Walker's thought process, the more we have to wonder why he did not finish his education.  I know the nice, little story he tells.  But I mean the REAL reason.

Apparently because Walker has some sort of inferiority complex about his incomplete education, he likes to sit in the lecture and judgment chair concerning education and make sweeping decisions.  He is hurting our kids, to say nothing of the education system in the state, generally.  Wisconsin has a rich history in the field of education.  Our University is first-class, and has been the genesis of many unique ideas and programs.  But Walker will limit its budget money to make his point ...which is?  Take a guess.

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