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"slut" "prostitute": Right-wing media?

Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University woman a "slut" and "prostitute" for supporting the guaranty of support for contraceptives for women.   There is no place in the media for low-life statements like that.  It is indicative that Limbaugh has no civilized retort that he can call upon.  Once again, he reveals his crude, gutter, Neanderthal, and thug language and personality. 

There is not much to say in defense of Rush Limbaugh anytime.  But now it is atrocious.  Now it is time to call him to task.  Now is the time when any civilized man or woman should make it be known that this is below the action of any human being in the media, right or left, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. 

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The results are in.  I could almost hear the Republican leaders praying as hard as they could that these primary elections would stop and one candidate would clearly evolve.  It was not to be.  Barbara Bush called this the worst campaign in history.  This immature bickering is truly hurting the Republican Party.  Though he has stumbled often, President Obama had to deal with an atrocious legacy from President Bush, a worldwide economic struggle, etc.,  It is nothing short of amazing that President Obame just might win the next presidential election.  The Republicans need a better candidate...badly.

Santorum seems to strongly appeal to religious fundamentalists.  Romney gets support from wealthy big city voters.  One has to wonder why neither seems to represent democracy, equal rights, the working poor, and unemployed vets of Iraq and Afghanistan who are struggling economically and in other ways.  We need a president for all the people.  President Obama has represented all the people, and especially the underserved.  And his personal moral, ethical, and family values have been higher than any President in recent American history.  Yet, people like Santorum proclaim their superior Christian values, even while lying about Obama's religion, citizenship, etc.  With the current list of presidential candidates in play, Obama will win in the next election.

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The old Republican Party is gone.  The Party formed in a little frame building in Ripon, Wisconsin is a thing of the past.  The progressive GOP of President Theodore Roosevelt is dead.  The party of President Abraham Lincoln that spoke out against slavery and advocated for equal rights for all is kaput.  The standard-bearers for the Republican Party ideals of William F. Buckley and Senator Robert Taft has been taken over by extreme, fringe, right-wing groups.  Civility left with the Old Guard of the Republican Party.

Today's spokespersons for "conservative causes" have moved farther and farther toward an American fascism.  Cloaked in ideals like freedom, they want to foist their government on women to be required to have this or that procedure done, with or without their permission.  The GOP of democratic government now wants a right-wing government [i.e. Bush-Cheney] that can concoct secret, favored, no bids necessary [l.e. Halliburton].  The Party that has become more and more militaristic and warlike to fill the pockets of war corporations, is often led by a draft-dodger many times over [Cheney] and a man who used his father to keep him out of Vietnam or from taking any orders from his military superiors [Bush].  The GOP that fought to keep us out of war, now stands at the forefront of assertive military adventurism in Iraq and elsewhere so the coffers of war corporations can be filled. 

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Far be it from me to judge anyone's claim to being a Christian, Moslem, Jew, or any organized belief system.  But it is worth pointing out that there is a very wide variance in what poses as Christian principles in politicians, especially presidential candidates.  Most politicians who proudly pound their "Christian" chests and announce to the world how pure, prinicipled, honest, and true to the foundation of their belief they are, seem to be a little off-base when one looks further at their actions and their strange pronouncements.

It is understandable that people may question the religious beliefs and actions of the President of the United States.  But even the most honest and objective person must acknowledge that there have been charges made about Barack Obama that have no basis in truth or actuality.  To question whether Obama is a Christian forces to the surface questions about such charges, and further, forces a comparison of beliefs with those leveling the charges.  There are many conflicting and strange manifiestations of this among the current crop of candidates challenging President Obama.  Consider...

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what some REALLY don't like about Obama

Who doesn't like President Barack Obama?  We have heard many general or bigoted or untrue criticisms about Obama, but let me ask you directly, what kind of people do not like the guy?  Specifically, all you prancing Christians, what has he done wrong?  Comparing President Barack Obama, to any list of prior Presidents, what is it about him that bothers you?  What don't you like about him in regard to.....

He was born into poverty.  He was raised by a single parent.  He was labeled a black man.  He overcame what would usually limit him or hold him back as other black kids.  He was selected by Harvard University over many, many kids who grew up in far more favorable and comfortable surroundings.  He rose to a leadership role at Harvard.  He took a job that paid a low salary as community organizer.  He was a successful lawyer.  He rose above all the limitations to become a United States Senator.  As a relatively young man, he addressed the Democratic Party's national convention as a keynote speaker.   He married a black woman.  He had two daughters.  His marriage and personal life have been marked as a marvelous example of morals and ethics.  Although his detractors have dug deeply, they have not found any evidence of adultery, lies, deceptions, cheating, ad infinitum.  He inherited the presidency from a failed administration that had piled up huge debts, had given many secret "gifts" to war and greed corporations, illegally and with lies it invaded a sovereign nation [Iraq], turned a federal budget from a large surplus into a horrible debt, and became an embarrassment to the world.  Obama immediately took steps to stop the horrible economic and moral slide that had characterized the Bush administration.   Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize.  Against strong opposition from the Republicans, Obama correctly saved the American auto industry and prevented a million workers from becoming unemployed.  Obama supported a risky operation to capture and kill Osama bin Laden.  Our current President has conducted programs that have slowly turned around horrible mistakes of every kind by his predecessor.  President Obama has been a wonderful example of how to be a father and husband.  He has withstood slings and arrows of lies and distortions about his birthplace, his citizenship, his Christian faith, and a host of other sinister attacks.

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I smile at the politicians who stand up with a straight face and tell an audience that this candidate [himself] is honestly this or that, and he sincerely believes this or that, and that he is the epitome of honesty and integrity, and blah, blah, blah, and PEOPLE BELIEVE HIM!  Yes, I smile, but it is really a tragedy.  How in the world can people be so gullible to believe all these lies and distortions ...and then defend this hypocrisy!

Newt Gingrich is the most obvious "sacred" deceiver.  He began the trek toward impeaching Bill Clinton when Newt was Speaker of the House, while Newt was himself fooling around with young staffers and, by the way, was also married.  But Newt not only cheated on his wives, he was spectacular in choosing the circumstance to inform them.  He told one wife that he was leaving her while she lay in a hospital bed having just been given a cancer diagnosis.  After several marriage failures, he concocted a new modus.  He converted to the strict requirements of the Roman Catholic religion through the experiences he had with a woman he would later marry.  Of course the catechism he used to convert was done while he was cheating on his wife with the woman who was Catholic.  How's that for decepton?

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Each of us has his/her own set of principles, beliefs, and strongly held opinions.  We each express our actions and reactions in a unique way.  Far too often, each of us becomes a little too self-righteous.  I confess to it myself.  I, too, become something less than rational or objective when it comes to topics I feel strongly about.  Mea culpa.

When someone is especially confessional to us, and expresses something that reveals their vulnerability by admitting to this or that temptation, we tend to judge them.  What we rarely see is that we have our own set of errors in judgment, flawed thinking, strange habits, etc.  Self-awareness is something I strive for because I think it is something that helps us get closer to the truth [whatever that may be or not be].  We usually are our own roadblock to truth and accuracy.

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