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In light of all the horrors, dishonesty, violence, bigotry, judging, pedophilia, stealing, ad infinitum that regularly takes place in all religions, it is fair to ask the question: why fight to save all this unsavory institutionalism?

We, of course, are most familiar with the Christian brand of religion, and its various sub-groups.  Nevertheless, what we state in criticism about the church holds true for other religions as well.

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"Moslem Brotherhood" of Scott Walker

Just as the Moslem Brotherhood uses religious references to advance political motives, so does Governor Scott Waker of Wisconsin use his right-wing "Christianity" to play out his agenda for his "special" friends and supporters.  Yes, the way they frame their theology is one thing, but the way they advance their extreme agenda has many similarities.

History shows us that extreme right-wing politics have always used religion to secretly or clandestinely promote their plans.  As Scott Walker just did, he signed the latest anti-abortion bill in private.  Imagine, a politician making an important action AWAY from the cameras!  And much of the recent right-wing agenda in the Wisconsin legislature has been forged in secret.  Shades of Nazism and fascism!  Is it too extreme to draw a similarity between current right-wing extremism and Nazism/fascism?  No, it isn't.

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What conservatives MUST change...

It is awkward, humorous, and pathetic to watch the right-wing of American politics hustle this way and that way to try and satisfy wealthy contributors, war corporations, greed corporations, and people with bent or distorted views on what constitutes morals and ethics.  Trying to change their image, conservatives and right-wingers have tried to entice Latinos and minorities.  In elections, the Republicans get very few votes from these groups.  Only gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to hold onto some of their offices.  What the Republican Party needs most of all --by far-- is something so obvious that it amazes that it is not realized. 

First, let me remind you of whom the Republicans have chosen as their leaders over the past centruy:  Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Joseph McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney...........need I say more?  That is hardly a list of intellectual heavyweights.  But today it seems to be getting even worse.  Let's consider who it is that now leads among the right-wingers [Republicans]:

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Zimmerman case debacle

The world stopped operating as American media concentrated on the airline crash at San Francisco International Airport, and the Zimmerman trial in Florida.  The international impact of events in Egypt, the civil war brewing more violently in Iraq, etc. became boring sideline concerns for American "journalists."

The Zimmerman trial was particularly disturbing for me because what should have been a major focus --guns-- was barely ever mentioned.  Yes, there were racial and bigotry aspects, and that got plenty of attention, and I'm glad this attention was paid.  But without a gun, there would have been no case.  What in the hell was Zimmerman doing with a gun anyway?  He was a self-elevated Western sheriff, saving the town from desperados.  C'mon.  The guy was caring a gun because this area of Florida is rife with bigotry, home to NRA lovers, and people who think guns protect them.  Dare I say, that as with most gun-totters, it was also thought of as a penis extension?

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There seems to be a blind spot when it comes to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.  And the military and political powers that be in the U.S. seem to totally ignore the history of the area, how things came into the current  state, and just about anything coherent when it comes to matters related to the Middle East.

One of my graduate study programs focused on the Middle East.  Like others who have studied the Middle East, I immediately realized the huge mistake that was being made by invading Iraq.  And the way we have handled Afghanistan is atrocious.  Yet no one in the U.S. government seems to have a clue.

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Milwaukee vs. Wisconsin

Perhaps you didn't know that there are three unoffical mottos for the State of Wisconsin.  The first is: "Forward!"  The second is: "What's good for Milwaukee must be bad for Wisconsin."  The third is: "What's bad for Milwaukee must be good for Wisconsin."  Take your pick.

Fomer Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, while it that office, was addressing an audience in northern Wisconsin and said brazenly: "Stick it to Milwaukee!"  While serving in the Wisconsin legislature, Scott Walker, representing the suburbs of Wisconsin's largest city, voted almost unanimously for things that favored other parts of the area and state while "sticking it to Milwaukee."  As Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker seems dedicated to acting in Milwaukee's worst interests.

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