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What are we learning?

We learn many things in each election.  I have chosen but a few that have been learned in recent year elections.  You probably have tons more.  We learn slowly, it seems.  And we seem to be easily bought by the money flowing into our long-failed, democratic process.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing I have observed is that the more egotistical the moral ground taken, the more immoral the politician.  Conservatives and right-wingers love to stick out their "pure" chest in an effort to show you how wonderfully moral they are.  [excuse my giggling]

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Thatcher-Reagan: decline of common man

With both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher now gone, one cannot help but reflect on the horrible damage these two caused for the common, working man and woman.  Their legacy continues to haunt us.

Not too long ago, it was possible in the U.S. and England for a middle class family to live comfortably on one income.  Labor unions in both countries had fought for a decent wage, adequate retirement benefits, etc.  With the onslaught on labor that was led by Reagan and Thatcher, we saw these two begin the dismantling of organized labor, and the decline of a comfort zone for familites with one income. 

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We need Obama's "success" on these issues...

There is no question that President Obama deserves credit for finally getting a tiny bit of health care reform.  After all, it had been desired since Republican President Theodore Roosevelt advocated for it.  But there is much to be done in the remaining Obama administration.  A small list follows...

Close Gitmo!  To have a nation which likes to claim its democratic foundation, continuing to keep open the very essence of un-democratic action is an abomination.  At least we no longer torture terrorist suspects.  But holding people indefinitely without any specific charges or without any hope of a democratic trial are contrary to the very things Americans hold dear.  Close the darn place, and get over this atrocity.

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From Nazis to hidden abortion: Bush family

Prescott Bush, H.W. Bush, George W. Bush have managed to discredit the United States.  Of course most Americans don't know the truth about this family.  Where to begin?  Let's start with George W. Bush and work backward.  It is a disgusting legacy.

Clearly stated, in the winter of 1971, George W. Bush was dating Robin Lowman [now Robin Garner].  She became pregnant.  Bush paid for her to have an abortion, which at the time was illegal in Texas, where they resided.  Could this actually be true?  President George W. Bush was openly against abortion.  Please do your own checking on this.  You could simply go to any search engine on-line and type in "George Bush abortion 1971" or "George Bush, Robin Lowman"  or "George W. Bush and Robin Lowman abortion" or anything similar.  You will find numerous references to this.  Read them all carefully.  Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself.  Then ask yourself: why has this been withheld from the news?  Why indeed?

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Congrats, liberal-progressive Boston!

The strange terrorism that befell the Boston Marathon was quite strange indeed.  Especially as it played out.  While the private press/media did not do so well in accurately telling us what was happening, the Bostonians themselves were great.

In attempting to investigate, solve, and bring the terrorists to justice, the residents of the area were asked to follow some very strict and limiting rules.  Stay at home!  No public transportation.  Nobody should be allowed into your home without police identification.  And much, much more.

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U.S. fascism/Nazism: actual or exaggerated?

Recognizing that both people from the extreme left or extreme right in America use name-calling and exaggeration for political points, it is helpful to acknowledge that America has a long history of Nazi and fascism sympathizers and supporters.  Indeed, the very rise of Nazism and fascism in Germany and Italy was financed by Americans.  From their inception, Nazism and fascism have been fostered and supported by Americans, leading Americans.

It is not an exaggeration to call attention to Americans who strongly supported Nazism and fascism.  Some of America's leading industrialists and celebrities were personally and publicly honored by Adolf Hitler himself [Henry Ford and I.E. DuPont].  Charles Lindberg, biggest hero of his time in the U.S. was openly in support of Hitler and Nazism.  Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of American presidents, sold Saudi oil illegally to Nazi Germany, even as they were killing Americans.   The fact that this long-standing support of fascism in America is unknown to the vast majority of Americans is a mystery indeed.  One could write several books reflecting on why this has received so little attention here.

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"Odd ends and date-ups"

Some of you have once again begun to inquire why I do not allow comments to be printed regarding my blog.  I have explained that several times.  And before I stopped allowing comments to be printed, I appealed to readers to be more civil, and to stop berating others who commented.  The attacks on others who offered comments were vicious, ignorant, crude, sexist, and reflective of the Nazi-fascist stooges who still populate the U.S.  Even when I appealed for folks not to comment while I was in the hospital, that was only an opening for sadistic, Neanderthal, savage attacks.  So, after several warnings: the end.  You may read my blogs around June 27, 2011 (before and after) to get more detail on this.  I am sorry, and wish I could allow them.

The famous or infamous "sequester" has exposed the politicians of both parties for what they are: egotistical, selfish, greedy, self-absorbed cronies.  While the hurt from reductions in service in the federal budget are real, our "leaders" in Washington were never concerned about the cuts in education, or cuts in services to the underserved.  What bothered our spoiled little brats in Congress were the delays at airports!  You can take away art and music in schools, but don't let the privileged have any flight delays.  And they rushed through Congress changes that would not delay their own flights home.  They do not want to listen to complaints from the have's, but the have-nots can go to hell.

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Intimacy is disappearing

Those of us of a certain age know more about intimacy than younger people.  It is not wisdom.  It is because we grew up without escaping anything that is not of the "immediate" into an electronic world.  Slowly we are losing real intimacy in all relationships.  And we don't even know it.  And if you do not know what intimacy is, then you will not notice its disappearence.

We sit in a board meeting, and when the subject matter is not directly of interest to us, we escape into some form of electronic pad.  We sit in a classroom and the subject matter is not enough there so we exit through electronics.  Immediately upon sitting down for a moment of free time, we pull out our electronic contraption and escape the moment into a world void of intimacy or reflective thought.  Parents cannot interact with their kids without checking their cell phone or notepad.  Children do not know how to interact with other kids in any deeper emotional way without having an escape through electronics.  Many of us cannot even sit in church and reflect upon the spiritual or metaphysical without escaping into an electronic other world ...God will have to wait.  We cannot drive, eat, watch a movie, use the library, or converse without some sort of "relationship" with an electronic contraption.  We now have robots who interact with people who have lost a loved one or are feeling very sad.  Heaven forbid we should have a one-on-one relationship that has quiet time looking into each other's eyes or having an undisturbed, honest, confessional conversation. 

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