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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America [ELCA], the largest Lutheran denomination in the U.S., has experienced the election of its first gay bishop.  And its first Native American, too.  Same guy.

Hats off to this denomination for taking a truly Christian stance on a topic so awkwardly argued by many church groups that "preach" the Gospel.  The ELCA has been losing members since it democratically voted in convention to allow openly-gay pastors to serve the church.  This is but a tiny step in the right direction for religious groups, but a necessary and important one nevertheless.  Why has it taken so long?  Why are there still so many "Christian" groups opposed to this?  Whatever happened to love?  Why all the fear?  Why all the judgment?  Why all the unenlightened "theology"?  Why the inhumane perspective about human beings? Thank you to the ELCA for its tiny ray of light in the darkness of the Dark Ages.

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Secret groups that control the U.S.

Americans are focused and diverted about political truth in the U.S. by the media coverage of disputes between Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, etc.  Going unnoticed are the real people and societies that truly run the United States of America.  They are unknown to us, and the media never gives any coverage to the real powers that be in the U.S.

The closest thing to recognizing who decides about the U.S. happened when President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the growing influence of the "military-industrial complex."  Since then the secret groups have only gotten stronger and more influential.

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Cabal? Connection? Happenstance?

Do you see any connection between any two or more of the following developments?

Prescott Bush, father/grandfather to two U.S. presidents, traded illegally with Nazi Germany and served on a German-Nazi corporation's board of directors.

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Is Scott Walker without any empathy?

Put aside political opinions, and focus on the record of the current Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

One must ask if this son of a clergyman has any feelings or understanding for or about less fortunate people.  It has long been established that he is a lackey for wealth, greed, special profits.  If one thinks this is about political pespective, I call your attention to the phone call in which Walker thought he was speaking with one of the infamous Koch brothers.  In that conversation he revealed much about what motivates him and what his secret agenda is.  It is alarming, scary, and about as politically selfish as one can get.  He revealed he would do anything or follow any orders for the greedy few.

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Abortion, Adoption, etc.

There is no subject more fraught with crazy commentary, weird perspective, holier-than-thou positioning, biblical "interpretations," judgment, missing-the-point, screaming, demonstrating, ad infinitum than abortion.  It is hopeless to try and add objective perspective because there just isn't any.  Oh, how righteous we can get!

Women get pregnant for many reasons, decisions, accidents, poor judgment, family wishes, etc.  Some even get pregnant for good, solid, family reasons.

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Edward Snowden vs. Russ Feingold

The Fun House we call American Politics just added a new mirror.  Just when one thinks American politics couldn't get any dumber or more mixed up, along comes a topper.  This time the "holier-than-thou" persona has been assumed by liberals and progressives.  These "purists" are labeling Edward Snowden a hero. Huh?

Where the hell have all these progressives and liberals been?  Where were they when U.S. Senator Russ Feingold stood alone in the Senate and voted against the U.S.A. Patriot Act.  That, folks, is a hero.  Feingold was rewarded for his heroic action by being voted out of office. 

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