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As with most actions in politics, if you want to know who really is calling the shots, follow the money

Who, then, has bought the current government shutdown?  It must be a very devious and selfish group because as the shutdown continues it hurts more and more people.  In a few weeks, a shutdown could bring the entire U.S. economy down.  If you sabotage the "full faith and credit" of the United States of America, 99% of the American people are effected negatively.  Who benefits?

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Another Republican recession looming

Crazy?  Immature?  Irresponsible?  Irrational?  Selfish?  Aping?  Ignorant?  Unenlightened?  Terrorism?

All those words apply to varying degrees to the threatened shutdown of the nation by a minority of right-wingers in the U.S. Congress.  Here is one of the real dangers ahead with this shutdown: An Economic Recession for the U.S.  No doubt about it.  The last recession was caused by the selfish and reckless actions of the George W. Bush administration.  Illegal invasion of Iraq, corporate hand-outs of scores of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan with little or no accountability, multi-billion-dollar government work being done or not and without contracts, etc.  We are now on the road to an even bigger economic disaster.

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Congress ignorant about shutdown effects

I'm writing to take issue with members of the U.S. House and Senate.  Yes, I know, everybody is sick and tired of their horrid performance.  However what is truly frightening is all the damage being done by these legislative "leaders" because they simply do not know the law, and they are oblivious to what the result is of their shutdown actions.

It is more than alarming to watch members of the House and Senate act out without a clue about what havoc they cause.  I have a vivid picture in my mind of Senator John McCain posing for photos and shaking hands with Syrian rebels, having no idea that some of these guys are al-Queda or worse.  There he is smiling in pictures with men who are members of terrorist organizations that brought down the towers in Manhattan in 2001.  Such idiocy and ignorance is all-too-typical of the dolts in Congress.  And McCain is relatively well informed on foreign and domestic issues.  But he, too, did not know that the shutdown took away death benefits for fallen soldiers.  So, there McCain was in the Senate, chastising his colleagues about this.  I have to ask Senator McCain: why didn't you know in the beginning that this would happen?

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In a couple more months we shall be tortured again with the same right-wing scam, lies, deceptions, greed, distortions, hostage-taking, selfishness, and repeated hurt to the American economy and future.  All that so that the likes of the Koch Brothers, Senator Cruz, the tea party, and the military-industrial complex can have their own way.  We have always had some right-wing extremes in the United States, but the current group has access to more media and more penetration into the minds of Americans.  They are not only dangerous, they are wrong.  These greed-merchants do not take any prisoners.

Wisconsin, once the bastion of clean government, is now represented by the likes of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman James Sensenbrenner.  Senator Johnson loves to tell people that the U.S. government is spending too much money.  Yet Senator Johnson himself, when a businessman, loved to accept U.S. government help in building his profits.  Yes, he took government largesse.  Congressman Sensenbrenner, though in the House for many years, has yet to be a force for good, a force for compromise, a force for advancing the lives of ordinary Americans.  Sensenbrenner was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  That was not enough for him, he had to have more and he used his office to make profits for himself voting favorably for stocks and ownership windfalls.  He likes to tell us his investments are in a blind trust, yet I know where his investmaents are and you can easily find that out also.  Imagine, Sensenbrenner even had money invested in Halliburton!

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Halloween costume suggestions...

Here are some sure-fire costumes for Halloween...

Ted Cruz - actually this is a puppet costume for the Koch Brothers.

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The Republican  Party is at a crossroads in its long history in the U.S.  From a rather liberal political party of the 19th Century, through its Progressive Era of the early 20th Century, to the voice of free enterprise of the latter 20th Century, this glorious political party is now faced with a very vocal and pushy group of right-wingers and tea partiers that are hell-bent on getting their way even if it means destroying the U.S.  This strange right-wing collection of terrorists and anti-intellectuals think nothing of shutting down the government, no matter the consequences.  Even their own party "regulars" have been warning them of the dangers of their actions.

What is further amazing is that these extremists call themselves a movement of populism.  Some populism when their actions are designed to destroy the American economy.  Some populism when they take big money and marching orders from wealthy greed-merchants.  Your job, your family, your health, your welfare, your future are of no concern for these bandits.

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"Casablanca" redux

In the film "Casablanca," everybody went to Rick's Place.  The French Inspector spent time there just about every day.  When the occupying Nazi German officials had cause to suspect Rick's, they used the excuse that gambling was going on there.  Of course gambling was going on; everybody knew that, including the Inspector.  However, playing the game to salve the Nazis, the Inspector feigned ignorance and said he was "shocked, do you hear me, shocked" to find out gambling was going on.

Well much the same is going on now in international affairs.  German officials, French officials, Spanish officials, etc. are "shocked, I tell you, shocked"" to find out that the United States is using electronic equipment to spy on the European nations and others.

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