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Recent developments have clearly shown the irrationality of gun nuttery in the United States.  Grasping tightly on their assorted weaponry, gun advocates are prepared to save us from ...well, what could be more dangerous than these committed gun nuts?  The U.S. has become a nation of contradictory personality concoctions.  Consider...

The same people who fight against gun control of any kind love to shout for more mental health programs to keep the crazies off the street.  Yet, it was basically the same group that has fought for tax breaks and have advocated for huge cuts in budgets for mental health.  Some states, noticeably those with a high precentage of gun lovers, have cut their mental health budgets in half [e.g. Texas].

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Don't you think it is time that leaders from all sides of the debate on sex, abortion, marriage, etc. sit down and as adults discuss the subject with an open mind and in a non-judgmental way?  And do it openly?  And do it so our kids can observe it?  And so we can move forward without demonizing and slandering each other in the process?  Will civilized leaders please step forward.

Once you open the can of worms about sex in America, all hell breaks loose.  There is no middle ground.  In fact nobody holds any opinions that offer adult and/or civilized discussion.  There is only I am right and you are wrong offerings!  And we call ourselves adult???

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Republican Party: Now What?

Imagine, the Republican Party wants to get the attention and support of a wider part of the United States voting public!  I'm shocked, shocked, you hear!

After using language and political clout to demean Hispanic immigrants, it now wants to appeal to this segment of the U.S.  What was their first clue?  They have advocated building bigger fences on the U.S. border.  They have advocated to break up families and deport parents and even children who only knew one nation: the United States.  Their right-wing business friends have turned a blind eye to draconian immigration laws and used illegals as slaves.  Any chance to pay very low wages and abuse workers has always been a delight of the greed corporations.  Imagine using bigoted language when refering to Hispanics, and now they want their vote.  Have any of these "tender and empathetic" right-wingers ever heard what Rush and the rest of the right-wing fascists have said on the radio about illegals? 

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Following President Obama's excellent "State of the Union" address to Congress, the right-wing and even the so-called moderate wing of the Republican Party lambasted him for being too-progressive.  Huh?

Didn't we just have an election of the President?  Didn't Obama, voicing a progressive platform throughout the campaign, win the election my millions of votes?  Didn't Obama just win with such a surprising majority that the Republican Party admitted it must take stock of its own agenda and pronouncements? 

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NOW is time to express yourself

Each of us complains and complains about politicians at all levels of our government.  Inasmuch as this blog focuses more on the national level of politics, I am calling on you to now begin to make yourself and your opinions and your criticisms known to your elected officials.  Now!

Several politicians are already manipulating their image to prepare a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.  Some are so obvious that they literally drip with their ambition.  Rubio is about as obvious as it gets.  That's OK, if he does more than forging his image and actually begins to listen to the citizens.  Generally, Americans are sick and tired of the lousy job being done by our elected representatives.

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Evolution of greed-capitalism

 Before the Industrial Revolution, people lived a lifetime in one location.  They rarely traveled more than a few miles from where they were born.  Everything one needed was self-supplied or supplied by someone in the immediate area.

Therefore everybody knew everybody.  The morals and ethics of the community, such as they were, were developed and enforced by local people.  A businessman or craftsman had to try his best to be honest or the community would come down on him.  The local clergyman, usually the only person in the community with an education, held power to advance and coordinate ethics and morals.  And dependent on the nature and/or fundamentalism of the local religious agreement, moral law could be enforced with a very strong hand. That included the more serious crimes.

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Public education, as we know it, did not exist before the 19th century.  It grew out of the Industrial Revolution.  And the education model we have used since then was formulated along the lines of industry and mass production.  Students were mass produced via industrial formulations.  Class groupings, regular class meetings for an hour or so, classrooms organized with desks in rows, the teacher [foreman] up in front leading the production line.  And students progressed en masse or failed.  At first, by and large, the graduates were prepared to fill skilled and unskilled jobs in factories. 

Later, and more recently, the high school diploma has not been enough to fill many more complex jobs.  And so college became more important and more common for students to continue on.  Technical schools appeared for vocational specialties. 

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