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As President Obama visits the Middle East, there is a heightened alarm for his safety.  True, militants in that area of the world call for special protection.  But extreme self-centered people or warped moralists exist worldwide, including the U.S. 

First, Barack Obama conducts his daily, regular life more as a normal guy than past presidents who took on inflated or imperial lifestyles.  This means a visit to a fast food or modest restaurant exposes him to great danger.  He will be protected more in the Middle East, but the nature of the man is out among the people.

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And in 1991 Clarence Thomas was put forth by a Republican president as a minority Supreme Court judge   to garner black support by conservatives (never mind that Thomas sold his soul to the right-wing).

And Ginsberg and O'Connor were nominated, one by a Repubican and one by a Democrat President,  to have women on the Supreme Court who supposedly understood women's issues (and to hopefully gain female support for the respective party).

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Limbaugh-Cheney-Gingrich. 3 Blind Mice

Let's take the three hypocrites who now lead the Republican Pary one by one.  Sarah Palin is left out because the GOP decision-makers have decided to keep her out of the major spotlights because she tends to put her foot in her mouth regularly (not to mention the chauvanism of the Republican Pary).    So, let us review some things about each of the three acknowledged right-wing leaders...[remember, that the most damning thing about them is their phony high moral countenenance]...

Rush Limbaugh.  His criticism of the liberals and his so-called adherence to the law was certainly challenged when he tried to enter the United States from Mexico with illegal drugs in his possession.  Oops.  Of course his irresponsible statements hoping the President of the United States fails, no matter what the circumstances or consequences, should once and for all make a mockery of everything he says.  But it hasn't, and he remains a stalwart in Republican circles.  It is difficult for an old rake to turn over a new leaf.

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Watching President Barack Obama give a speech and respond to questions from the audience in Green Bay, Wisconsin was electrifying.  His comfort zone with the office is truly amazing.  He has wit, insight, intellect, background, stats, style, and relates to people from all walks of life.  And his humor is always present.  He is very special.  I  hope enough people give him a chance to right the ship of state before judging him.  He has inherited a horrible legacy from the past several presidents.  There was a steep nosedive haunting the office of President when he took office just a short while ago. 

Tackling all these delayed issues head-on takes guts, folks.  It would be easier to do what recent past presidents have done and simply pass the ever-growing problems on to the next president.  He has chosen not to do that.  We shall all have to make sacrifices if we are going to get out of this abyss in domestic and foreign policy matters.

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After oh, so many years of Tommy Thompson giving away the store to big corporate interests, what we have now is giving it away to a different set of interests.  Bringing a majority into the Wisconsin legislature, the Democrats have had a marvelous opportunity to save the state from the horrors of Tommy Thompson's giveaways, and to re-establish the stable, responsible government of past Democratic majorities.  Instead they dropped the ball badly, and sold out to special interests and parochial segments of the state.

Governor Doyle is worse than no help.  Wisconsin voters elected the wrong Democrat.

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We go along in life, holding fast to those things that support our belief system, rarely questioning what we are told that way.  As a result, whether left-wing or right-wing, we become robots.  If you challenge or question those hard-wired belief systems, people will come up with some cockamamie comment to tell you why you are wrong.  Common among such cranks are the Bible-totters who do not question anything in that heavily changed and manipulated book through the years.  And the FOX News loyalists who actually believe what they see and hear there as truth.  Or the Constitutional freaks who have no idea what is meant in the Bill of Rights or individual rights and equality.  Some pins in their balloons...

The "Windy City" of Chicago is NOT called that because of the wind.  It is because of long speeches in the railroad city that held many conventions in the 19th century.  The Chicago Tribune dubbed it.

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The celebration of Father's Day takes on many different styles, many different emphases.  This year we have a special example in that our President has presented us with a wonderful example.  While holding the most important elected position in the world, Barack Obama has taken the time for his family.  He has remained as a human being, with normal activities, and being an American father as much as is possible carrying his position and responsibilities.  No one can doubt that a terrible burden was unloaded on him when he took office, more than presidents usually have to deal with and confront. 

Without missing a heartbeat, President Obama took on the overwhelming burden left behind by a series of horrible presidents.  He met the challenge head-on.  He fit into the office of President of the United States in remarkably smooth transition.  We have a President in whom we can be very proud, and it is especially important to realize this on Father's Day.  His interactions with his wife and girls is exemplary.

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It is good that we have finally come to recognize and salute the heroes of World War II.  It is good that we have commemorated the sacrifices made by the military men and women in Vietnam, and to build a monument and traveling monument to them.  We have not done as much for the men and women who stood in for all of us in the Korean War.  We certainly owe all these brave men and women a tremendous debt of gratitude.  We should do everything possible to acknowledge and express appreciation to the men and women who represented the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

However there is a large number of men who have become the unrecognized, unreported, undocumented, and erased from our history.  I am refering to the conscientious objectors who number in the many thousands from all of our wars, past and present.  True, some did not report for their own fear or their own personal reasons.  We have split hairs about all this and divided our nation over them.  But in recent years, we have simply swept them under the rug.

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There was a time in America when conservatives and liberals could discuss politics, religion, economics, healthcare, welfare, etc. in adult, objective ways.  No more.  Surrendering to religious fundamentalism and greed-capitalism, the once proud Republican Party no longer exists.  Though carrying the same name, it has now been taken over by screaming, fanatical, religious, and big corporate interests.  Right-wingers are now the party of witch-hunts.

Perhaps the sickest part of the right-wing is their self-righteousness.  I've been condemned for using the blog title "A Sinner Observes."  Of course the unintended implication is that my critics are not sinners.

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During my study for a M.A. in history, a major part of my work focused on the Middle East.  I wrote a major paper on Western World imperialism in that area, including, of course, Iraq.

As soon as the neo-cons and their unenlightened-uninformed President Bush lied to Congress and the American people and invaded Iraq, I immediately wrote and spoke out strongly against it.  Bush and the right-wing toy soldiers ignored any wisdom and history concerning Iraq, and ordered OTHER Americans to invade.  How low can you go?  Think of what the neocon lies have cost us.  We now know that some of the neocon leaders had been planning to invade Iraq long before 9-11 occured.

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