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My choice: TOM BARRETT

It is a huge up-hill fight, but to have Tom Barrett as our new Governor requires you to vote.  In order for the "good guys" to win will require a huge turn-out at the polls.  This is no time to sit back and watch the process taken over by right-wing extremists from outside Wisconsin.  It is time to vote!

The reasons to choose to kick Scott Walker out of the Govenor's Mansion are so many that my little blog does not have the space to do justice to it.  But here are some reasons to fight the lies and deceptions purchased from outside Wisconsin...

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 We all have to stop whining and get on with dealing with Wisconsin's future together.  A good guideline to follow might be: compromise with integrity.   

There is no sense in lamenting the election results, or to wallow in them either.  Wisconsin has a heap of problems.  Civilized, intelligent, well-intentioned human beings can find ways to work around their parochial differences and accomplish great things.

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It is difficult to ponder how the United States of America could have screwed up more and more often than it has in the Middle East.  And we continue to do so.

A century or more ago the U.S. sided with the European colonialists who treated the people of the Middle East as slave laborers or work animals.  The natural resources of the region were stolen to fill the coffers of Colonial Europe.  Hatred for the West, simmering since the Crusades, continued to ferment.  And the U.S. was seen in the same light as European colonialists.  Our "brand" of capitalism defined Western stealing.

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Compounding the horrible pedophile history of the Roman Catholic Church is the ongoing and growing revelation about how the Milwaukee archdiocese and other areas of the Church have moved around their cash and assets to avoid losing them to the sex cases rampant through Catholicism and the priests.  Almost monthly now we learn about new charges being made against the Church and their clergy.  And we must assume that there are many more to come.  As with organizations and individuals who hold themsevles up as interpretors and judges of moral behavior, too often these same groups and individuals have their own serious moral flaws.

The Roman Catholic Church is not the only one posing as moral and religious leaders with hidden cracks in their own morality and behavior.  Think of the current charlatans trying to give us moral judgments, while hiding their own moral failures.  How do these men measure up in your eyes in  this regard: Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the right-wing moralizers?  Oh, how these people love to tell us what is moral, ethical, and righteous!    John Edwards adultery was another example of a leader with hidden sins, but at least he didn't pass judgments on others and hold himself up as a saint as multi-divorced Rush and Newt have.  Do you know about Karl Rove's marital "fidelity"? 

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When I became active in the civil rights movement in the U.S. in the early 1960s I was somewhat pleased with some of the progress being made to overcome decades and decades of bigotry and insensitivity.  Of course the focus then was on tackling the bigotry toward African-Americans, especially in the South.  Those of us deeply involved oversimplified the mission we felt called to serve.

Back in Milwaukee there were some jolts that brought us to realize that the civil rights fight was wider and more deeply entrenched than we realized.  I remember meeting with Catholic priest James Groppi, a very important leader in civil rights matters in Milwaukee.  He told me we had to get out of his office in the church because the Milwaukee Police Department had it bugged.  As we walked along the sidewalk in the parish neighborhood, a police squad car inched along next to us along the curb.  It infuriated me, but to Father Groppi it was a day like any other in his hectic life.  There were evidences of a Gestapo mentality in the South and in the Midwest, and in every corner of the U.S.

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Liestening to the right-wing frauds, one would think that original sin began with progressives and is getting worse every day.  To read and listen to the right-wingers one would think the Democrats are in league with Satan, and that politics would be so much cleaner if we all surrendered to the right-wing, the tea party, the conservatives, the Republicans, etc.

Some of the favorite deceptions foisted on us by the right-wing is that they are pure and anybody to the left of Dick Cheney is a communist.....a sinful commie.  Let's take a look at the pure and holy right-wing leaders...

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Since I began my blog here several years ago I have had an amazing inundation of mistaken and erroneous comments about my life.  I stopped printing comments about the blog, not because of the errors directed at me personally, but because of the vitriol and sexism and bigotry aimed at others who commented here.  I warned everybody to stop with the accusations at others who commented here, but bigots and self-appointed judges have no control over their hatred, and thus I ended printing such anti-intellectual and hateful charges.  The personal attacks at me continued, and the labeling of me and my life history found their way into e-mails to me.  I print the following pieces of information about myself to show the bigots and the hate-mongers how wrong they are in what they perceive to be my background.  This is my "life":

Born into a poor, white family...baptized and confirmed in what is today a United Methodist Church...attended a Lutheran college...worked summers and during the year while in college in foundries, driving a taxi, sold beer at the ballpark, janitor, referee, etc....taught high school in public and parochial schools...worked for the Lutheran Church...was vice-president of a Roman Catholic college...received a M.A. degree from a Jesuit university...did additional graduate work at a state university...never a member of any political party...have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michgan, Kansas, Missouri, Virginia...I'm an associate member of an order of Catholic nuns...worked in Washington, D.C. but not for the government...headed a hospital foundation...served on the board of trustees of a Presbyterian college...etc.

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A recent article written by the Watergate journalists, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, appeared in the Washington Post and was distributed widely in the U.S.  The title "Nixon's five wars" rehashed some of the manipulations and plotting done in Nixon's presidency that caused him to resign when brought to light.  The re-hash specifically mentioned the actions, the role of sleazy characters, the sick mind of Nixon himself, and the law-breaking inherent in the Nixon administration.

Compared to the actions and individuals connected to the Watergate scandal of the 1960s and 1970s to what is happening today makes the Nixon schemes and the cast of characters look mild.  The political acts that the Nixon gang pulled off with masks, break-ins, etc. were all done secretly to bring down Nixon critics.  Today this sleazy action can be done openly and through the front door.  All that is needed is money.

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The media totally missed the point.  When the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to "uphold" Obamacare, it was heralded as an amazing act.  Chief Justice Roberts cast his vote with the so-called liberals on the Court.  Amazing?  No.  What is amazing is that the media unilaterally and almost unanimously declared it a victory for Obama, a liberal vote by conservative Justice Roberts, and totally unanticipated. 

The truth is that Chief Justice Roberts did two things, neither of them voting with liberals.  He prevented the Court from once again being labeled a conservatively politicized branch [as in the Bush v. Gore decision], and more importantly, he gave the Republican Party a great deal of leverage to use the decision in the November presidential campaign.  How?

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