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Things to do while Driving

Change the radio station, shave, apply makeup, find a cassette tape, read the newspaper, talk on the phone, text, smoke, eat, discipline the kids, argue with spouse, give finger to other drivers, look for street signs, look for friends, dial the phone, cut coupons, search for dropped cigarette, scratch, takeoff coat, change shoes, read mail, read e-mail, look for map, search for gloves in glove compartment, program GPS, floss teeth, look for song on iPod, search for CD, pet dog, roll down rear window, roll up rear window, roll down the front window, drink, eat, think about beer, throw empties in backseat, . . .

As you can see there are many things that people do while driving.  Unfortunately, paying attention and being responsible to the other people on the road is often not among the list of things people will do while driving.  When I heard the statistics of how many cars have been prevented from crossing the median because of the cable barrier, I was quite surprised that number was so high.  Driving a car has more responsibility than people often realize.  Too many people view it as wasted time and then go on to accomplish many of the items in the above list and actual driving comes secondary.  Cell phones topped the list as main distractors of people driving.  This causes traffic jams, slowdowns, and of course accidents.  This leads to high repair costs and higher insurance costs.  If everyone would just hang up and drive, or pay attention while driving, we all would benefit.  So please pass this on to those who are not regular readers of Logos of the Bogus. We all need to get to our destinations safely.

Is Iowa America?

We are about one week into 2008.  This is also about one week into the primary season.  This of course means that we are halfway to finding out who are nominees for the next president of the United States will be.  So far we have the results from one State: Iowa.  Going into New Hampshire, and subsequently super Tuesday, the media in America seems to be in love with the two top getters from the Iowa caucus.  Even know a couple of the lesser-known candidates have dropped out of the race already, some still think that the race is wide open, especially on the Republican side.  Let's hope so.

Candidates love momentum and America loves a winner.  I hope that we just don't rubber stamp what has already been done and keep piling on, without stopping to think about the future of this country and how this election is going to affect us.  I hope Americans understand the gravity of the situation.  One of the candidate's on this stage of the debates is going to be handed the presidency of the United States.  Along with it, all the glory and all the responsibility. They are going to be handed over the White House and the codes to the nuclear weapons. Tough times calls for great leaders.  If we look at going on on the world, and what's going on in the economy, we are reaching a pivotal moment.

As we become bombarded with sound-bites, we become aware of how important it is to listen to what is being said.  But the right questions have to be asked and they sadly are not.  There are no questions being post about the economy.  I guess it's assumed that taxes are going to be increased.  New programs are being proposed.  Deficit spending is the bad guy.  Yet we're being distracted by issues of immigration which while are important are being made more confusing by candidates tendency to tailor their message to what they believe America wants to hear.

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Smokin' with the Governor

I do not know what it is that smokers did to Governor Jim Doyle.  But apparently they must've done something pretty bad.  It seems like the governor has had it out for smokers for some time.

I will begin with the obligatory I am not a smoker, but what I see the government doing to smokers is laughable.  It's unfortunate that smokers do not form a social subculture to unite and fight back for whatever rights they may have left.  Smokers have become an easy target to push unfavorable regulation upon them and they just accept it. One day they will rise up and march to Madison, but until then they will sit down and wheeze.

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Maximum Return on the Minimum Wage

It is the start of the legislative session and already the Democrats are bringing up the issue of raising the minimum wage.  It seems like every year, or at least every other year, there is talk of raising the minimum wage to make it a living wage again.  You know the kind of wage that you can raise a family on.  It is going to be raised to over seven dollars per hour.  And in one of the presidential debates, one of the candidates thought that that was not high enough.  They stated it should be raised to $9.50 per hour.  To a guy who started working in the minimum wage was less than three dollars per hour, this seems like a lot of money.

As a couple of things being lost here.  First, the minimum wage is just that-the minimum.  It is not designed to raise a family on.  You cannot buy a house or send your kids to college if all you do is earn minimum wage.  If you are earning minimum wage, and raising a family, you should've done a little more in terms of life planning.  Earning minimum wage is not meant to be shameful, we've all done it, however, once you start learning the job, and getting better at it, learning new skills, building a reputation, everything that goes into the working world, you should be earning a raise and not have to worry about the bare minimum. Remember, if you're selling your soul to the company store.  It's up to you to raise your price. If individuals took responsibility for honing their own skills, they would not have to rely on the legislature raising the minimum wage in order for them to get a raise every couple of years. Too often, low-wage workers have not learned the three key principles in what is used to determine their rate of pay: first, is the work itself. A lot of this is determined by the free market. Second, is how well will you do your job.  And third is the difficulty in replacing you.  Yet today, too many people settle for mediocrity.  We don't going to work with the intention of doing just average-yet too often, that is the result.

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The Packers' Role in Global Warming

As the weather gets colder, we must remind ourselves that there is still global warming. Or so we are told. But not by science. Or at least scientists who have done objective, extensive research. Al Gore, liberals, et al. This includes at least a couple of presidential candidates. Of those that are left.

 What to do? What to do? Is it too late? Is the problem real or propagandized? Is there something we can do today? Is there something I can do today?

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The Job Nobody Wants

May God bless John Wiley. I really don't know that much about him.  I did manage to pick up a few facts about him.  As a boy he liked to blow things up.  He was interested in explosives.  He did manage to stay enough out of trouble to finish high school.  Not real sure exactly what happened soon after that, but his story picks up when he becomes a graduate student in physics.

He may be Madison's last chancellor.  In a recent article, it was brought out on how little money a chancellor will make in Madison.  And the paltry sum is going to be paid to the next chancellor made drastically decrease the number of candidates and pauperize the poor soul who would accept the challenge of leading the flagship of the university system in this state.  As reported, the total compensation is $341,495. 

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It's Tearing Us Apart

This was supposed to be the most interesting the presidential election in over a generation.  The wide open for both parties, we were supposed to get the best candidates.  Of the best candidates, we are supposed to nominate the best people to become the next president.  Of the two nominees, we will elect a president that we all can be proud of.  What is going on?

Listening to the rhetoric of the campaign, we are supposed to get experienced change.  We are supposed to get something new yet familiar.  We are supposed to be coming into a new era of politics, with some old favorites.  However, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  It's back to the old spiel.  The candidates and the media are trying to distract us.  By focusing on a bunch of issues that really don't matter to voters.  That of course would be anything except the economy.  Once again we're trying to get a referendum on the war in Iraq.  Were trying to get a consensus on global warming.  We are trying to find out which religion can best interpret our American values.  By becoming distracted by these topics, the candidates are polarizing the electorate.  Even in orations which emphasize the coming together of different and diverse groups, the opposite is being accomplished.

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