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The Tax Man Goeth

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A few weeks ago it was tax day in America. With just over 50% of American citizens working today and paying taxes, fewer and fewer people take note.

President Obama released his tax returns, like all presidents do, and there was not a lot of surprise. One thing that the media and the citizens should have taken notice of is that the president's effective tax rate is 18%. That's right, 18%. Barely more than what the administration was lambasting Mitt Romney for paying.

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A Time for Truth

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Are we finally going to get the truth about Benghazi? After seven months of trying to skirt the issue, it is finally going to be brought up again. Perhaps this time we will get to the truth.

I'm getting sick and tired of the Obama administration lying to the American people. While accusing others of being political in rewriting history, the administration has always viewed this as a political problem and have always been insistent upon relaying their own sets of facts. No matter how false they are. I don't know of anyone outside the Democratic Party who ever believed that a video caused the death and destruction that we have seen in Benghazi. President Obama has promised that we would get to the bottom of this, but has made sure that everyone in his administration will serve as an obstructionist in the investigation.

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