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HarleyFest: Good Times Had by All

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Here in southeastern Wisconsin, we often say that we like certain environmental values.  Like peace and quiet in our home neighborhoods, cleaning air, and hassle free traffic patterns.  There are only two things that could interrupt our veneration for these values: the Green Bay Packers and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Well, the Packers are still in preseason, but Harley-Davidson add another landmark birthday.  The city celebrated by doing what it usually does-making the absurd appear usual.

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Local Liberals Love Elevated Levys

climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, taxes

Although local liberals are out waving the banner looking for change at the national level, back on the local scene, it's business as usual -- raising your taxes.  Yes, the same people who are blaming the current administration for making life worse, once again want you, the taxpayer, to go through the effort of earning money so they can take it away from you and spend it as they wish.  This is the same group who have been screaming for relief to working families that they are struggling putting clothes on their kids backs, putting gas in their cars to go to work, putting food on the table, and making the mortgage payment now want to take more money from these people in the form of taxes.

The city of Milwaukee has just enacted a wheel tax. The good news is this tax is not imposed on everyone.  It's only imposed on responsible citizens who own private transportation.  Only on the citizens who legally register their cars.  It will only be imposed on those who will pay, not who should pay, not who can pay. You can darn well bet that 13 out of 19 county supervisors will also be watching how this goes over.  So look out, citizens of Milwaukee County, it's going to get a lot more expensive to live here.  Also on the agenda for these 13 of 19 county supervisors is the 1% increase in the sales tax for Milwaukee County.  And again, the County Board has proved that these are their only two ideas.

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Tax and Spend Legislators Skirt Taxes

County Government, Election, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, taxes

Calling these legislators hypocrites would be offensive to the regular hypocrites.  They would need a promotion to be considered phonies.  Even the First Amendment to the Constitution would not protect me from calling these people what they really need to be called.  How can it be considered other than a complete betrayal of the citizens of this state for legislators to go to Madison, pass bills that will raise taxes on the citizens, and pay no taxes themselves.

When election time comes, you can darn well bet that these people will be out touting what great citizens they are.  They shamelessly promote what good businesspeople they are, yet when tax time comes, they have so many losses that it exceeds their revenue.  What good business sense are they portraying? Do they somehow launder all their personal expenses through their business? This somehow qualifies them for public office. Yet they take your hard-earned money and spend it as they see fit. Then want more. It's for the children. There ought to be an investigation. It's not for the children, it's for their own selfish interests. Some claim to be lawyers, and still have no income.  How good of a lawyer can they be if they have absolutely no clients?  I would rather take legal advice from a notary public.

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Let's All Vote for Change!

Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, taxes

Everyone who is running for office this year has adopted the same slogan: change. As a grade school student soon to decide that political science would be my life's work, the teacher divided the electorate into two major classes; conservatives and liberals.  Conservatives usually ran on the status quo.  They like things the way they. Liberals want change. They do not like things the way they are.

Barack Obama has been campaigning with the slogan of changed since the beginning of his presidential bid.  Although he has not defined, what change would mean, he wants the electorate to agree with him on one basic premise: change  = good.  We have 49 days to find out if we agree.

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School's Out?

County Government, Election, Government, News, Politics, Smoking, taxes

Barely 3 weeks into the school year, and the school board in the city of Milwaukee has given up.  I am presuming that the school board is made up of elected people who had been sent to Washington with the task of making the schools in Milwaukee better.  No, wait.  They have been elected to stay right here in Milwaukee with the task of bettering the schools.  In one of the most blatant and ignorant attestations, the school board wants us to believe that they are going to dissolve the Milwaukee public school district.

What exactly are they trying to prove?  Is this a left-wing example of how they intend to get the citizens to all hold hands and declare that they will joyfully pay more in taxes?  Did they except the challenge and think that things would be easy?  Are they going to quit their positions, yet still collect a paycheck?  What do they believe is their accountability?  I'd like some answers.  However, I don't care that much because I do not live in Milwaukee.

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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Billion?

County Government, Election, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, taxes

We are in the middle of what has been called the greatest financial crisis in this country since the Great Depression.  I am not sure what degree this is true.  I'm not sure I want it proved either.  But to solve it, Congress wants to spend 700 billion of our taxpayer dollars.

There has been a huge push for Congress to push the bill through, that will bail out financial institutions and make our economy whole again.  Soon after this bailout takes place, we will once again be able to view our economy with a great deal of certainty.  Or will we?

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