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How Quickly can We Raise Taxes?

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I don't know whether I am amazed or dismayed by the election results. Not talking about the presidential race of course, that was not a surprise. However, some of the other results are going to have far reaching and possibly your reversible effects. This of course involves raising taxes.

I find it hard to believe that a referendum would pass that involves $130 million of new taxes being imposed on citizens and as an alternative only offering $67 million of tax relief. The only good explanation for this would be how the tax-and-spend liberals were to just out to confuse people who did not read and understand the proposal. Instead they offered misleading statements like property taxes are going to be reduced. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are also reports from people who claim to be sane yet are trying to tell me that the parks in Milwaukee County are being used by people from out of state. I have gone past many parks in the Milwaukee County system yet I have not seen an overrun of out-of-state plates and people from outside the county who are sucking all of the park's services and not paying property taxes. However the solution to this is to increase the sales tax in these out-of-state parks users will be making up the difference and more by buying all of our goods and services being offered by businesses adjacent to the County Parks. I'd like to see the math to support this. Why are out-of-state people suddenly going to buy goods and services now that the sales tax is increased? Are the parks going to get that much better that quickly?

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Poll Results Come at Right Time

climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, taxes

Just when I thought that these so-called advisory referendum for the countywide sales tax was based on people not understanding the question because it was written in a way that was set to produce a predetermined result, a new poll comes out which is even more slanted and producing even more misdirected results for the casual observer. And of course this poll was taken to days after this "advisory"referendum was voted on. From Monday's Journal Sentinel:

  • "If you knew that the majority of metro areas in the United States fund transit by sales tax and that a portion of southeastern Wisconsin's sales tax is paid by visitors from outside the region, which of the following would you prefer be the primary source of funding for public transit services in Southeast Wisconsin: Sales taxes, paid on all non-essential consumer purchases; payroll taxes, paid by all who work in the region; property taxes, paid only by property owners; or vehicle registration fees, paid by vehicle owners?" (47% picked sales taxes, far more than any other option.)
  • "Some people have suggested expanding public transit in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties. If you knew that transit was seen as a top priority for the economic future of our region by top business and economic development leaders, would you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose expanding public transit in this region?" (78% voiced some degree of support.)

Boy, these results will really clear things up for us. It seems like everyone wants higher taxes just to produce more public transportation that will be going largely unused. What could be a better deal? Voting for a $130 million tax increase while only seeking $67 million in tax relief? 30 years ago, Gov. Lee Dreyfus had a surplus in the Wisconsin budget and gave it back to the people, the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Now, of course, there is no surplus in the Wisconsin budget. Reports of a $5 billion deficit are a whole other story. But if we replace a tax levy of $67 million with a tax levy of $130 million, even though these will be differently collected, there is still a lot of money that is not being accounted for at present. Apparently Lee Holloway and the Milwaukee County government board just want to have a field day and spend our money any way they wish. Doing it under the guise of helping the poor get to work. It would be a noble effort if it was not such a fantastic lie.

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The Wrong No One Will Right

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Kudos to Dan Bice for his continuing coverage of who is getting huge payouts in exchange for retiring from County service. He is a true watch dog. However, like all watchdogs, a little noise is made. The bite will have no teeth. And after a while, the noise will subside and all will be forgotten. All will be forgiven. And that's too bad.

It has been over seven years since the then Milwaukee County Board made it legal for retirees to collect on huge payouts upon retirement. Unlike the private sector, no monetary investment is made, yet a huge payout is given in return. And taxpayers are expected to foot the bill. Then, to an insult to injury, a current Board of Supervisors is trying to raise taxes in order to provide services of which cannot be paid for because the commitment has been made to make these huge retirement bonus payouts. This is an absolute rape of the taxpayer. And nothing gets done about it. And nothing will get done about it.

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The Automobile Industry of the Future

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It seems like only a few years ago when the Green Bay Packers would be playing several games on Monday night football. When that would happen, there would be a large amount of absenteeism at the Janesville GM plant. The managers at the plant would go on to remedy this situation by adding a bunch of TVs. How many trucks would get produce that many? I don't know, but apparently the employees had a good time watching football during a day at work. This coming Monday night may be one of the last for the Janesville GM employees to enjoy a night of hard labor and football simultaneously.

This scenario alone did not create the circumstances for closing a plant in Janesville, but it may have contributed at least in a small way. For many years, Janesville has been a proud producer of large GM gas guzzling vehicles. For years, the Janesville plant has also been demonized for producing large GM gas guzzling vehicles. However, this one plant is certainly not the only culprit for what is wrong with the automobile industry today.

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Lowering Expectations

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As January 20 approaches, it will slowly be revealed to us whether we are able to collect on the promises that were repeated for the last year in this long presidential campaign or if we have to grant a pass saying it was election year rhetoric, that was all. Comprehensively, Americans were promised change. And now, as Barack Obama begins to put his administration together, we were led to believe by the Obama campaign that we could just sit back and watch the miracles happen. If anything was questioned, the Liberals would fire back calling the questioners bigots. Any dissension would be un-American.

Now we are finding out what change actually means; changes bringing back people from the Clinton administration. Change also means bringing back Jimmy Carter's advisors -- the ones who haven't entered their drooling years. Change means keeping the defense secretary from the Bush administration who for over a year was being lambasted as failed policies and wrong on the war in Iraq. It seemed to me that he would be the first to go if the war in Iraq was one of the major issues. Also, one of the first things he would do as president, Obama would issue an executive order reducing the amount of oil that would be drilled off the shores of the United States. This is also in contrast to the position he campaigned on when he issued that he would be open to such exploration to assure energy independence in America. Without the sterling, the United States would continue to send huge amounts of money to the mid Eastern countries for oil. Gee, Wally, I hope Obama wasn't saying anything just to get elected.

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