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It is quite clear that Ron Paul is a bigot.  The fact that he is accepted by so many Republicans is extremely alarming.  It is easy to prove Paul's bigotry; just read what he has said and written.  It is not a matter of debate, it is clear.

Ron Paul has some Nazi-like ideas about foreign policy, economics, equality, rights, etc.  Ron Paul has the support of the John Birch Society.  How far right does one have to go before the right-wing Republicans get disgusted?  Everything that sets this country apart from Nazism and fascism is absent in Ron Paul's idea of the world and America's place in it.  He writes that Israel should not be an idependent nation.  The government should stay out of everything that regulates corporations.  Only state government should interfere to guaranty the rights of Nazi-like activities.  Ron Paul is even to the right of some of today's neo-Nazis.

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In Iowa we had the parade of holy liars, saintly deceptors, strutting deceivers.  Now that glorious group of Republican presidential candidate hopefuls moves to New Hampshire.  Truthfully, is this the best we can do?

When will it be revealed in the media about Santorum's corrupt mortgage arrangement?  Pay to play for the then-Senator?  I give you money, you get me some legislation that will make me a ton of money.  And for good measure, once it passes you will receive a very favorable mortgage for your new home.

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Please take careful note of the ads being placed in South Carolina and Florida by the sleazy greed-mongers who support especially Newt Gingrich.   And especially placed by a casino owner who is big in Las Vegas, but bigger in Asia, and hopes to be much bigger in Asia.  He's poured millions of dollars in these ads attacking Mitt Romney for his financial success using capitalism as his vehicle.  Romney is being plummeted for his capitalism by Republicans!  Greed knows no bounds.  It will eat its own.  [And in the case of today's Republicans, will portray themselves as saintly Christians in the process].

"Callous greed grows pious very fast." -Lillian Hellman

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It is hopeless to try and supply honesty, ethical principles, and wisdom to today's politicians.  They are nothing but puppets who are manipulated by strings pulled by greed, war corporations, and special interests   And because of this, the American voter has been sucked into this sleaze pit also.  Citizens think they are expressing truth when they mimic the b.s. of corporate CEOs, wealthy and powerful influence buyers, a media that is dependent on the financial advertising of conglomerates, and the immense and unbridled power of the military-industrial complex. 

How can we expect quality when we have the current group of people vying for the Presidency when they have shown themselves to be charlatans, to be for sale to the highest bidder, regurgitating the greedy positions of war profiteering, and even one leading candidate who had to be punished by his own House and his own party for acting unethically?   This same sleaze-monger has chosen his wives through the adultery way of testing her out.  Even his current wife has brought him to marriage and Catholicism by first having an adulterous affair with her.  This is how low we have allowed our political line-up to be.

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Sometimes the term "bottom-feeders" fits perfectly.  Look at the list of the sanctified GOP candidates devouring their political kinfolk in South Carolina.  And I thought it was about as low as one could get when John McCain and his followers trashed a decorated  Vietnam war hero, John Kerry.  I overlooked that dastardly lie in part because McCain was a prisoner in a North Vietnamese camp.  But it was low nevertheless.  But each of the new Republican vultures, snakes, and eels  truly feed off of each other, to say nothing of what they will do to our African-American President.  First the GOP sharks sharpen their teeth on lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, and mask-wearing.  Then they will turn to bigotry in the general election (they have already sunk to that, but they are distracted by telling lies about each other).

Romney pays 15% in taxes on his income.  How much do you pay in percentage?  Of course you work for your income.  Romney devours others.  His income diet is swallowing workers and those "lower" than he.  And Romney has to lie and deceive about leading the passage of a Massachusetts version of Obamacare.  The people in Massachusetts love the health care reform, but Romney must deny it, lie and bend in order to get his Party to accept him.  The first rule of GOP politics is to destroy the other guy.  What a strange take on what they call "patriotic" or "American." 

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Yes, I realize that the U.S. must have a military, and protect itself.  However we have extended and expanded this to take on all the trappings of imperialism.  From our imperialistic treatment of American Indians to recent illegal invasions of a foreign nation, America should be ashamed.  And American capitalism has been very reliant on war to keep our corporations busy and making money,  sell advertising and, like fires and natural catastrophes, it gets the biggest audience.  Thus it sells advertising.  And it concocts an American perspective that war is necessary, and war makes for profitable capitalism.  OK-OK, we know the myriad stories of war and the drumbeat of military solutions to the world's problems.  How about a little time given to peace as a subject?  These are hardly peaceniks quoted...

"My first wish is to see this plague to mankind banished from off the Earth, and the sons and daughters of this world employed in more pleasing and innocent amusements than in preparing implements and exercising them for the destruction of mankind." -George Washington

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Please, prove me wrong.  I think that the Republican Party big-wigs will do anythng they can to avoid having Newt Gingrich nominated as their presidential candidate.  Both Newt's horrid background and his sleazy and uncontrolled temper would be a disaster for the GOP.  Prove me wrong.  While I tend to vote for Democrats, I cannot believe that even the Party of the John Birch Society, the Tea Party, and the adulterer Ronald Reagan would allow a despicable character as Newt to carry the Party's torch for the hightest office in the U.S.  It is almost impossible to think we have sunk that low.

Usually the big money in the Republican Party (and there is plenty of it!), calls the shots.  But the bigotry among conservatives that usually expresses itself toward blacks, Latinos, and other minorities, is now starting to coalesce against a Mormon, Mitt Romney.  But with Newt as the alternative, Romney may look better.  However the real fly in the ointment is that big money is not only following the usual right-wing suspects, but a casino billionaire and his wife have chosen Newt Gingrich as their preference, and have thrown tens of millions of dollars toward getting him elected.  This is being done outside the usual Republican establishment.  But as I see it, that is suicide for the Republicans.

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