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Reason for slow decision on Syria

Perhaps it is true that Obama wants the support of Congress in order to take military action against Syria.  Perhaps.  I think something else is playing out that in part has influenced his decision to delay action.

I believe that President Obama is planning and coordinating the military action until he gets all his ducks lined up for the attack.  He is preparing the revolutionary forces in Syria, at least those who come somewhat close to being democratically motivated.  I think they will take direct action when the bombing and missiles begin attacking Syria.  Coordination for maximum effect is important and necessary.

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I've had more than enough of Scott Walker!

The latest "incident" in the life and actions of Governor Scott Walker revolves around his promotion of a gift to a non-profit organization that is a supporter of his political opinions.  Problem is, that organization was not officially a non-profit at all.  Surprised?  I am not surprised one bit.  What is happening in the Governor's Mansion in Madison is a disgrace.  When will we wake up?

Today we find out that he had to see to it that the quick, large income advance that Walker pushed for the Police Administrator in the Capitol was illegal.  Much of what Scott Walker does is illegal, but he gets away with it until some newspaper or investigator or John Doe hearing or just some fact-fining shows how shady his actions are.  He plays at the fringe of the law.  No Wisconsin governor has had this much illegality in such a short period of time.

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Guns a problem? Do ya think?

Allow me to begin my discussion about guns by clearly stating: guns do not show a man to be any more of a man.  Guns, in fact, cover up for many men and their hidden, inner feelings of inferiority.  In many cases, guns become a "penis extension."  But let's look at what is happening to us as a nation because of guns...

Children gunned down in schools.  Sikhs gunned down by some right-wing Nazi nut.  People in a movie house to watch a film and are gunned down.  University students gunned down on campus.  And each day, hundreds and hundreds of individuals are gunned down, more than in any place on the planet.  Do you think we may have a problem?  Huh?  Do ya think?

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Guns again! Ya think we have a problem?

With the slaughter of at least 12 people in Washington, DC, it is impossible to say we do not have a gun problem.  I'm not talking about solutions, I mean a problem.  A problem!  Meanwhile, others were killed by guns that day all over the U.S.  A problem!  America, we have a problem.

Must it be stated yet again that the U.S. has far more gun killings that any Western, industrial nation in the world?  A problem!

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Same eyes, different world

Yes, I'm opinionated.  Yes, it comes through in my speeches, interviews, and writings.  Without being too hard on myself, I think I often offer objective attempts at making sensible statements.  But one sees the world as it appears to him/her "regularly."  White is white, black is black, red is red, yellow is yellow, etc.

And so I have observed my world through the usual set of eyes.  And drew my conclusions mostly based on what I saw.  That's fair, isn't it?  Is it?

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Congressional Republicans: here is a constructive suggestion...

The United States Congress is deadlocked.  While both sides are to blame for the horrible inadequacy of our federal legislature, the Republicans are amazingly locked into delighting in the inadequacy and inaction.  The Republican members of the House and Senate seem to have a simple and clear agenda:

1) Stop Obamacare at all costs.....ALL costs.

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Republican terrorism in Congress

Yes, in my opinion, the right-wingers in the U.S. Congress are terrorizing the citizens of the United States.

An extreme statement?  Not at all.  To shut down the Government [yours and mine] on a very narrow issue that the right-wingers are being heavily subsidized to do, is an act of terrorism.  It is beyond selfishness to do something solely to hold onto one's office and receive greedy corporate support in the process; it is terrorism..  Think of the zealous Islamic terrorists, they represent a movement of a promise in order to kill or terrorize "non-believers."  How are they different than the zealots in the U.S. Congress?  Yes, because they want to shut down the government, they put lives in jeopardy, halt research, close national parks, scare the heck out of innocent Americans, etc., their puppet support of the right-wing money can classify them as terrorists.

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