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Ongoing Catholic Church pedophilia cover-up: DISGUSTING!

There has been lots of hair-splitting by the Roman Catholic Church when it comes to the sexual abuse of boys and girls that occured under its auspices.  Yes, I know, it is about money.  Honesty vs. legal suits.  Doesn't that smack of something terribly sickening to you?  What obligation does any church body have in regard to this kind of child abuse?  And what kind of obligation does a Church that historically burned people at the stake, told them they were going to hell if they interacted with Protestants, that using birth control in an overpopulated world was a sin, ad infinitum, ...what kind of obligation does it have to be at least honest when it comes to the horrible "sin" of pedophilia?

Inasmuch as I am not a relgious person, I am hesitant to be this openly critical of the Roman Church, even in this autrocious cover-up.  But too much of society has remained silent.  This pedophilia is not just an unadmitted sin by the Church itself, it has been placed in a maze of camouflage and denial by priests, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals.  When does a shocked society say, "Enough!"?  When does society step forward and say, "We demand that you come clean about all this pedophilia?"  Half-truths are not enough.  Hidden information in each case is not tolerated.

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America's healthcare system is a racket.

 Another drug corporation just agreed to pay over $600 million as a penalty for giving physicians pay-offs and bribes.  Another drug corporation is being sued over and over for misleading advertising.  Another drug corporation has been sued for withholding information about the damaging and life-threatening side-effects of a prescription drug.  Another drug corporation is being sued for overcharging the federal government's Medicaid program.  And on and on and on it goes.

This is not about some rogue company doing business in a dark alley.  These are examples of the devious, greedy, and criminal acts by the best-known drug corporations in America.  Meanwhile our politicians and our president give them favors and windfalls.  

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Conservative agenda: empire, greed, guns, tax breaks for rich, religious sham

Just  look at the statements being made by conservatives during this sham we call presidential primaries.  See any poor people?  See anyone who is a representative of the poor or lower middle class?  See any honesty?  All we are left with is the more serious greed of the more conservative candidates vs. so-called progressives.

The way the Right has overwhelmed American society and the U.S. agenda is very, very worrisome to the rest of the world.  It looks to most people in the world that the U.S. has been captured and tricked by a sort of capitalistic fascism that uses religion to justify its worship of materialism ...and that is a materialism selected out for the rich's benefit.

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Bush's lies to you go on endlessly

So, you think that Bush only lied to you about the illegal invasion of Iraq?  Silly you.

He lied about the ongoing cost of the war...He lied about Iran's military weapons...He lied about how he has personally protected the Saudis after 9-11...He lied about his own military record...He lied about his approval of torturing prisoners...He lied about underfunding the Veteran's organizations...He lied about building permanent military bases in Iraq...He lied about sending prisoners to other nations to be tortured...He lied about giving special favors to drug corporations, Halliburton, private armies, etc....He lied about using weapons loaded with uranium.....The lies of George W. Bush go back at least as far as his intimate relationships with young co-eds.  The lies go on and on and on.  It is his modus operendi.  And now...

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JESUS SAVES! (why don't you?)...1st Nat'l. Bank

Sacreligious?  You bet it is.

And so are all the politicians who try to tell you how pure and pious they are by wearing a religious mask to get votes and support.   So are the business people who tell you to trust them because of their religion and therefore to buy their products.  So are the evangelists who line their pockets with millions by broadcasting the "gospel."   So are the violent people who take up arms to "prove" their faith.  So are the "moral" corporations who make record profits while telling you how they "serve" and "service" you.  So are the nations who claim their territory as a right given them by some god. 

We are in the midst of nations and cultures that excuse the most atrocious acts on "moral" grounds.  Look around, read the newspaper, watch the news.  These scams and shams are what current history is all about.  Tell me how much of Jesus you see in the likes of George W. Bush, Pat Robertson, or their ilk.  Tell me how much of Mohammed you see in Osama bin Laden, the Saudi ruling family, or the imums of Iran.  Show me a nation that announces it is built upon the plan of their god and I will show you a violent nation.   Show me a business or corporation wearing their religion on their sleeve and I will reach to protect my wallet.

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