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Is there an honest hopeful for Prez?

It has been wonderful to watch the Obama family conduct itself during President Obama's terms in the White House.  Under great pressure, with bigots and extreme right-wingers waiting for him to make some big personal, moral, or ethical miscue, President Obama and his family have shown us a wonderful American family.  It is especially heart-warming because of all the added pressure and scrutiny added to this First Family because it is the first African-American family in the White House.

Now we come to the next group of people vying to become President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among the Democratic hopefuls.  The picture with the Republican Party is far-far different.  Who will it be?   Just as one candidate takes the pre-election lead something happens to hurt or slow-down the candidacy and the pursuit.  Governor Christie is but the latest stumbler.

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Go forward with John Doe!!!

Once again the right-wing groups, financed by huge sums of money, want to stop a legal investigation of underhanded and strong-arm dealings in our democratic system.  It isn't as though a John Doe investigation is somehow strong-arming the democratic process.  Quite the opposite.  The John Doe is investigating to see if strong-arm or expensive tactics were used to circumvent the democratic process by Scott Walker insiders.

Governor Scott Walker's political career has been marked by an amazing path of illegalities by his staff members.  It was a John Doe investigation, for example, that found a Walker staff person stealing money from a military veteran's fund.  How low can you go?  There were so many of Walker's staff convicted of breaking the law that one has to wonder how he could have chosen such a bunch of criminals.  Or were they in part led to breaking the law?  Either way, Walker's staffs have been dismal.

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Enough Vatican-Archdiocese failure to face the kids honestly

One can assume that sexual and other abuse of children has been taking place in the Roman Catholic Church for hundreds of years.  All the time it has shown the amazing ability of the Roman Church to cover it all up.  Part of their ability to do so hinges on their insistence that their followers devoutly adhere to rules that would put any colonial power to shame.  Today somewhat more enlightened Catholics do not permit that adherence to these almost prehistoric, colonial rules.  But when it comes to covering itself from blame or legal charges, it closes ranks and exhibits its hedonistic secrecy and power.  But even this is now slipping somewhat, even as the Roman Church holds on desperately to its age-old power.

The Milwaukee Archdiocese has held onto this colonial left-over more than many geographic areas of the Roman Church.  This is partly due to the large-scale immigration that took place to Milwaukee in the 19th and 20th centuries from strongly Roman Catholic nations.  Settling in a new country, far from home, the immigrants and their families found a sort of cultural oasis in the Church.  Ironically, the Roman Church became a sort of cultural safety zone for the peoples in this strange, new land.  The Roman Church flourished.  One only has to look at the horizon as one crosses the High Rise Bridge leaving downtown Milwaukee to see a skyline of Catholic steeples.  The immigrants felt the Church was protecting them from a nation that was moving too fast away from what they knew in "the old country."

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Could Scott Walker be that dumb?

Looking over the John Doe investigation materials just released, the probe into the staff of Scott Walker gives us some interesting alternatives in judging them.  Was Walker so dense, so stupid that he did not know what was going on close to him while Milwaukee County Executive?  Or was he so smarmy, so scheming that he took careful, sleazy precautions not to attach himself to all the felonies being committed by top members of his staff?  Though dirty, smeared politics are involved in the Walker office, it would take either an idiot or a sullied plotter to keep from being directly attached to secret files and other illegal activities swirling around him in his Milwaukee office.

Being stupid is not a disqualification for being a top politician.  Being dense can be overlooked by people with money and influence if they can follow orders.  If someone writes a script for them and they follow that script, then intellect is not necessary.  A sterling case in point would be Ronald Reagan, hardly an intellectual heavyweight.  But Ronnie, the consummate actor, could carry out a script perfectly ...and he did.

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U.S. Progress: greed, me-first, mine-mine-mine

The happiest people in the world, in all recent polling, are either the Danes or the Finns.  And the Swedes and Norwegians are usually ranked up there near the top.  Why?  What could be the reason these Scandinavians are always ranked happier than the people from the far richer USA?  What is different in Scandinavia that could make them so much happier than Americans?  It sure isn't the weather.  Hmmm.

If the reason isn't obvious to you, the rich and powerful in the U.S. have been successful in brainwashing you.  Well, you can come up with all sorts and kinds of contrived answers but in your heart of hearts you know those contrivances are not true, and do not hold water.

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