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Iraq War: Bush-Cheney catastrophe

"The final breakdown of every tax dollar spent by the United States to rebuild post-invasion Iraq was presented to Congress earlier this  month --a down-to-the-nickel analysis of nine years and $60bn worth of waste, arrogance and ineptitude unequalled in American history.

"The conclusive report by Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), was a 186-page document titled 'Learning From Iraq,' which followed that misspent money on a tragic joyride through the expensive and embarrassing mega-blunders that have become synonymous with US 'nation-building' efforts in Iraq since 2003." -Charles McDermid, "Shocked and Audit,"  March 27, 2013, and quoted in WAMM newsletter, May, 2013, page 8.

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A different look at North Korea

Let me state it clearly from the beginning.  I do not agree with much of the following quote.  But it is very surprising that the point of view expressed in the quote goes almost unnoticed by all media in the U.S.  Read it and see if you think it gives one pause to consider a wider view of events on the Korean Peninsula.

"North Korea has always served as a 'devil function,' an enormously useful enemy for the United States.

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Illegalities follow Scott Walker

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.  The reign in Wisconsin falls mainly around Scott Walker.

The John Doe investigation absolutely surrounded Scott Walker's stint as Milwaukee County Executive, and had some of his chosen staff going to prison.  Data and evidence strangely disappeared from computers.  The number of people found guilty on his staff was alarming.  You don't suppose there were illegal activities going on, do you?  You don't suppose that county staff were doing campaigning for Scott while they were being paid with tax money, do you?  You don't suppose.......well, you get the idea.

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College: changing? worth it?

A blog offers only generalizations.  I'd much prefer to cover this subject about colleges in more detail, but a blog is what it is.

I have a B.A. degree from a small, liberal arts college, a M.A. degree from a large Catholic university, and additional, post-graduate study at a large state university.  I've been a college vice president, served on the board of trustees of a college, gave speeches and lectures at many colleges in North America and Europe, and have had life-long associations and connections to colleges and universities.  Some observations...

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If you are a right-winger, tea partier, etc., the chances are you believe stuff like this...

Dick Cheney is a good, honest American.

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It always amazes me how the obedient, uninformed lemmings follow the right-wing greed anywhere and everywhere they are led.  It further amazes me that these same goose-stepping puppets choose Ronald Reagan as their presidential hero.  Let's get right to it.  I bet few of you zombies realize that Reagan...

Raised taxes as President.

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Right-wing is stealing your Wisconsin

Announcement to the world: check out Wisconsin, it's for sale to a low bidder.

After dodging the John Doe investigations into his staff when he was Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker is on to bigger and better things for the wealthy and greedy.  You are closed out.  You can sit and watch   Walker will use the staff that was not convicted of illegalities to sell Wisconsin to a bidder...not the highest bidder, but the one with the most sleazy connections.  Greed rules, not your vote.  Bigotry rules, not democracy.  Favors rule, not elections.  And it can be done so often in secret.  Yes, it is a horror movie, and you are one of the stars of this story; you are being fleeced.

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