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Not a Prayer

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Just a few years ago, the annual prayer breakfast was an annual ceremony that had to be attended by the President of the United States. There was not much fanfare about this event that the president always attended and there was never much ado about it. Then, several years ago there were some remarks made by a neurologist and brain surgeon Doctor Ben Carson. After that, things changed.

Doctor Carson was expected to make some flattering comments about President Obama and his health care plan. But instead of falling in lockstep with what liberals in the media were expecting, Doctor Carson spoke the truth. His comments were critical of the affordable care act which shocked the liberal media and now the annual prayer breakfast is a high-profile event.

This year, President Obama took the opportunity to use this photo op and be critical of the American people. We all know that when the president speaks of Americanism and the American way, he demonstrates his disdain for this country. He views it as unfair or, immoral, and unjust. He believes it is his duty to use his presidency to correct all of these wrongs.

Americans are supposed to be ashamed of themselves according to this president. Look at what we've done. We founded this country and Christian values knowing full well that the Crusades had taken place hundreds of years earlier. We founded this country without first outlawing indentured servitude. Was that ever corrected? Those two events alone take us to today. For we are intolerant of extremist extremism or something like that. Too many Americans want to call upon the First Amendment and use the word Islamic terrorism. Shame on us Americans.

According to the president, there may be several packs of lone wolves with bad attitudes that are spoiling it for the rest of the Muslim world. According to the president all religions should lay down their arms and walk all over the world and hug everyone that we see. This is the only way to bring world peace. Perhaps we should re-indoctrinate the children of all ages.

Well, that's what I got out of his speech. Critics including those in the liberal media have called that speech the worst of his presidency. He nudged out his second worst speech; the state of the union address of 2015.

Global Warming Causes Record Cold

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It seems like only a couple weeks ago when we thought the East Coast was going to be shut down in 6 million people buried in 5 feet of snow. Thank heavens liberal governor Andrew Cuomo and liberal mayor Bill DeBlasio shut down all public transportation, imposed a curfew, and scared the bejesus out of all citizens of that state.

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Deficits Don't Matter

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

As the 2016 presidential election begins, once again we will be hearing almost on a daily basis, concerns about the federal debt and deficits.

Eight years ago one of the candidates named Barack Obama made a big deal about the size of deficits made by our government. This candidate also made a big deal about how much of the debt was being added onto my hours then current president George W. Bush. It was about $4 trillion. Over eight years, that brought the national debt up to about $10 trillion. We all know what happened as a result the 2000 election.

Barack Obama proposed and administered the piling on of debt of 8 trillion additional dollars. The federal deficit had quadrupled from what you once regarded as a bad year end top well over $1 trillion annually. This was more debt than the first 39 presidents altogether. Now that annual deficits are back around $400 billion annually, the administration is taking credit for such great numbers.

Even if you blame George Bush for most of the debt during the Obama administration, this administration will roughly double the national debt again. What we once thought was unsustainable, is now commonplace. What was once proclaimed as unsustainable as now become the norm.

So why do we have taxation in this country? The only reason is to redistribute income. If we can easily add trillions of dollars annually to the federal debt, why should anyone be concerned? We could just print money, give it out to everybody, and we have the best country on earth, right? President Obama wants to increase annual spending 7% above inflation for the upcoming fiscal year. How can anyone think otherwise that president Obama's goal is to have more people dependent on the government for their day-to-day survival? During his presidency, food stamp recipients went up about 50%. The number of families in poverty went up 5%. Middle-class income went down by $5000. What progress are we making?

It's time to loosely quote president Obama: when you have a policy for 50 years that isn't working, it's time to do something new. Not Cuba, I'm referring to the war on poverty.

Tax the Poor-Feed the Rich

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It seems like about three times a week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is to run a front-page story, above the fold, toting what a great plan a new basketball arena is going to be. The billionaire owners are soliciting millionaire citizens of the community to stake their interest in the team and forcing local governments to secure public financing so that millionaire athletes have a place to play.

The community leaders have one single-minded goal: to raise taxes on the citizens of the city, County, and South East part of the state to secure funding so that it does not cost them any money. Hedge fund managers is to be regarded as the most vile and selfish members of the community. But when it comes to owning sports teams, they're darn near gods.

In the biased opinionated stories that are being published by the paper, they are almost trying to make you think that this is the only taxes to be raised for the rest of your life. And it's only going to cost you one penny for every $10 that is not a necessity spend. While! That's practically nothing.

The jock tax is a joke. Why can't all taxpayers decide that they are generous gifts should be earmarked for their pet government projects. The rest of us end up paying for stuff that we don't like. If we're lucky, the governor's plan will somehow bring in enough money from TV revenue. And again, satellite and cable TV subscribers will be paying for that. Let's call that a tax.

Working together

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Having a good memory can sometimes be a curse. Sure, it comes in handy while watching Jeopardy, but at other times they can cause a lot of frustration. For instance, remembering what campaigns are about after the election results come in.

Thinking back to 2008, I remember watching all kinds of my current debates in which Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards all got together on the stage and try to outdo each other on how well they are going to be working with people of the other party to bring America together and watch great things happen. America was at its most divisive in recent memory and we needed to come together. Candidates of both sides pledged the coming together. The Democrats won. America became even more divided.

After the midterm elections in 2010, the administration again pledged to work with the opposing party. We know how well that went. The president looks for a photo op saying that he wants to work with Republicans and then goes on the campaign trail proclaiming how ignorant, evil, selfish, you name it the Republicans are. And then he expects them to come over to his way of thinking?

Enter 2012. Again we had candidates claiming to work with the other party. Or at least wanting to. Again, the Democrats won and went right back out on the campaign trail proclaiming how ignorant, selfish, evil, you name it, the Republicans still are. And again, compromise only is achieved when the Republicans you be there principles and accept the Democrats'.

The 2014 election and the president on the campaign trail saying that all his policies are on the ballot even though his name is not. And he wanted America to vote accordingly. They did. While the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress increased, the president again said he is looking forward to working with Republicans, and then went on to pledge a veto to everything that comes out of Congress. That's how Democrats cooperate.

Now as national security and terror threats become a priority again, the president is once again on the campaign trail with his State of the Union address trying to rally support for things such as free community college. And I'm sure he's trying to find any way he can to make community college free for all Democratic voters and ignore any and all input from the other side. What has America come to?

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