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Our Taxes are Still Too Low

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Another report out of Madison casts a pall on how responsible we have been as taxpayers. We have not been  good taxpayers.  We haven't been sending enough into Madison.  The collection of taxes has been far short of what we need to finance the over sized budget that was just passed, albeit three months late by our legislature late last year.  The tax-and-spend liberals, who reached into everybody's pocket to double the driver's license fee, up to the you auto registration fee, and financed a large increase dependent on the purchase of cigarettes have not been doing their part.  They have only been sending in a minimal amount of their tax due.  They should be sending in more as an example of how generous the citizens should be.  When the state has their proverbial hand out.  Only sending in the minimum is creating problems of shortfall.

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It's Tearing Us Apart

This was supposed to be the most interesting the presidential election in over a generation.  The wide open for both parties, we were supposed to get the best candidates.  Of the best candidates, we are supposed to nominate the best people to become the next president.  Of the two nominees, we will elect a president that we all can be proud of.  What is going on?

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The Job Nobody Wants

May God bless John Wiley. I really don't know that much about him.  I did manage to pick up a few facts about him.  As a boy he liked to blow things up.  He was interested in explosives.  He did manage to stay enough out of trouble to finish high school.  Not real sure exactly what happened soon after that, but his story picks up when he becomes a graduate student in physics.

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The Packers' Role in Global Warming

As the weather gets colder, we must remind ourselves that there is still global warming. Or so we are told. But not by science. Or at least scientists who have done objective, extensive research. Al Gore, liberals, et al. This includes at least a couple of presidential candidates. Of those that are left.

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Maximum Return on the Minimum Wage

It is the start of the legislative session and already the Democrats are bringing up the issue of raising the minimum wage.  It seems like every year, or at least every other year, there is talk of raising the minimum wage to make it a living wage again.  You know the kind of wage that you can raise a family on.  It is going to be raised to over seven dollars per hour.  And in one of the presidential debates, one of the candidates thought that that was not high enough.  They stated it should be raised to $9.50 per hour.  To a guy who started working in the minimum wage was less than three dollars per hour, this seems like a lot of money.

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