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Our Taxes are Still Too Low

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Another report out of Madison casts a pall on how responsible we have been as taxpayers. We have not been  good taxpayers.  We haven't been sending enough into Madison.  The collection of taxes has been far short of what we need to finance the over sized budget that was just passed, albeit three months late by our legislature late last year.  The tax-and-spend liberals, who reached into everybody's pocket to double the driver's license fee, up to the you auto registration fee, and financed a large increase dependent on the purchase of cigarettes have not been doing their part.  They have only been sending in a minimal amount of their tax due.  They should be sending in more as an example of how generous the citizens should be.  When the state has their proverbial hand out.  Only sending in the minimum is creating problems of shortfall.

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Doing Good for a Worse Environment

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Convinced him that the citizens of the world and this country do not want to destroy their home.  Although we know that he won't be around, ourselves forever, we don't focus on our own imminent mortality on a daily basis.  Often our thoughts emanate from the paradigm that we will go on forever.  And collectively, we wish to leave the earth better than how we found it.

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Primary Election; Secondary Choices

Things just got a lot less interesting in the presidential race.  Too many polls, too much effort guessing the outcomes, and way too much spin have quickly taken us from the most interesting part of this primary season to the most boring.  The Republicans have resigned themselves to John McCain.  Whether we like it or not, he will be the nominee.  On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have turned what started out as he could spark filled debate and turned it into a love fest for themselves.  Super Tuesday did not produce eventual nominees.  But the aftermath did.

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Spend Your Way to Prosperity

There seems to be a confluence of ideas that are not adding up when it comes to evaluating the economic stimulus package coming out of Washington.  It seems that we are in a recession already.  Although the very definition of a recession would not be available for at least five months.  We would need two quarters of negative growth in the GDP.  However economists evaluating the economic situation have concluded that we wouldn't be going into a recession because of too much credit, overspending, and general poor money management. We're headed to recession for a different reason.

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It's Tearing Us Apart

This was supposed to be the most interesting the presidential election in over a generation.  The wide open for both parties, we were supposed to get the best candidates.  Of the best candidates, we are supposed to nominate the best people to become the next president.  Of the two nominees, we will elect a president that we all can be proud of.  What is going on?

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