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The Packers' Role in Global Warming

As the weather gets colder, we must remind ourselves that there is still global warming. Or so we are told. But not by science. Or at least scientists who have done objective, extensive research. Al Gore, liberals, et al. This includes at least a couple of presidential candidates. Of those that are left.

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Maximum Return on the Minimum Wage

It is the start of the legislative session and already the Democrats are bringing up the issue of raising the minimum wage.  It seems like every year, or at least every other year, there is talk of raising the minimum wage to make it a living wage again.  You know the kind of wage that you can raise a family on.  It is going to be raised to over seven dollars per hour.  And in one of the presidential debates, one of the candidates thought that that was not high enough.  They stated it should be raised to $9.50 per hour.  To a guy who started working in the minimum wage was less than three dollars per hour, this seems like a lot of money.

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Smokin' with the Governor

I do not know what it is that smokers did to Governor Jim Doyle.  But apparently they must've done something pretty bad.  It seems like the governor has had it out for smokers for some time.

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Is Iowa America?

We are about one week into 2008.  This is also about one week into the primary season.  This of course means that we are halfway to finding out who are nominees for the next president of the United States will be.  So far we have the results from one State: Iowa.  Going into New Hampshire, and subsequently super Tuesday, the media in America seems to be in love with the two top getters from the Iowa caucus.  Even know a couple of the lesser-known candidates have dropped out of the race already, some still think that the race is wide open, especially on the Republican side.  Let's hope so.

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Things to do while Driving

Change the radio station, shave, apply makeup, find a cassette tape, read the newspaper, talk on the phone, text, smoke, eat, discipline the kids, argue with spouse, give finger to other drivers, look for street signs, look for friends, dial the phone, cut coupons, search for dropped cigarette, scratch, takeoff coat, change shoes, read mail, read e-mail, look for map, search for gloves in glove compartment, program GPS, floss teeth, look for song on iPod, search for CD, pet dog, roll down rear window, roll up rear window, roll down the front window, drink, eat, think about beer, throw empties in backseat, . . .

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