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Just in Time for Christmas

We knew they were coming.  They said they were coming. 

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If I could Stop the Globe from Warming. . .

I really tried. I really wanted to help.  I really wanted to believe the claims made by those who believe in global warming.  But if I try to make sense of it, it just does not add up.

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Can't Beat System

A couple of weeks ago CBS ran a feature story about the dangers and proliferation of prescription drugs.  They also took a  four day reprieve from their almost exclusive prescription drug advertising campaign between show segments. I don't know who they were trying to fool, it just shows a little bit of hypocrisy.

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Public Money for State Campaigns

It seems like Governor Jim Doyle is not at a loss for ways to waste the taxpayers money here in Wisconsin.  The latest game is to provide taxpayer money for statewide offices such as the race for Supreme Court. This is intended to do is to keep campaign coffers low, so that the special interest groups will not be providing 28 minutes of negative campaigning for every half hour of television programming.  I'm sure we all have fun memories of last year's elections, which gave us Annette Zeigler somehow after convincing most of the electorate that neither candidate would be worth a [vote].

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