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State Government Falls Short

Government, Politics, taxes

Sometimes I find it arduous to comprehend how people could have voted for Jim Doyle for governor.  And he even got a second term.  The mishandling of the state budget is a humiliation to the citizens of the state.  How he can increase spending and expand social programs and think that he is not raising taxes is deception beyond postulation.

With the state budget falling short Jim Doyle is looking to manipulate a guilty conscience of the taxpayer into thinking basic services will be cut or eliminated due to the treasury shortfall.  Is he trying to get the electorate to thinking we must raise taxes?  He is even considering raising taxes.  When he's not calling them taxes.  Jim Doyle never does call a tax a tax. But he is bringing up again the subject of a hospital bed tax.  Somehow Jim Doyle wants us to believe that raising this tax is not going to be paid for by taxpayers.  How dumb does he think citizens are?  If this hospital tax is enacted, the state somehow gets $450 million in federal money.  This has to be some sort of a program drawn up by Democrats in order to get higher taxes.  Why else would you reward raising taxes?  To a taxpayer who has to pay the taxes, it does not make sense.  But to a politician, it does make sense.  Maybe if I shove my head up my butt far enough, I will be able to see their point of view.  On the local media outlets, Jim Doyle was asking the question, "How can it be a tax if you get more money for it?"  That is a thought process only a tax-and-spend liberal can comprehend.

Needless to say, life in Wisconsin is not going to get any cheaper.  The tax policies are going to send more citizens and corporate citizens elsewhere.  The only people left will be recipients of welfare programs, and those working for the government.  And when government employees retire, do they stay in Wisconsin?  Do they stay and enjoy a high standard of living they helped create by raising taxes on everyone?  Of course, we know the answer is no.  The lion's share move to other states will have lower taxes.

A Letter to the Editor

Once in while there is a social issue that seems to affect a great number of people.  The smoking ban legislation is one of those issues.  When it comes time to debate, one side seldom listens to the other.  And if they are talking, they are usually screening.  But when people want to make a valid point, who they turn to?  If someone wants to discuss the medical aspects of smoking, do they ask their doctor?  No, they ask the editor.  If people have a question on policy, do they ask their legislator?  No, they ask the editor.  If someone has a question about a civil liberty, do they ask a Supreme Court justice?  No, they ask the editor.

Today I would like to discuss the few recent letters to editors at large, and we can see into the psyche of the writer.  Our first letter comes from a writer, we'll call her "Jenny."  Jenny writes that smoking is harmful.  Well, this type of breaking news seldom makes it to the front page anymore.  Yes, everyone knows smoking is harmful, but that does not stop people from continuing to smoke.  Our next letter comes from the writer who we'll call "Elizabeth."  Elizabeth writes-let the businesses decide whether they want to allow smoking or not.  Well, if there is not a specific ban, that means it is allowed.  The businesses have spoken.  Our next letter comes from the writer we'll call "Jenny"-this is a different Jenny from our previous writer.  She writes-banning smoking would not reduce a tavern's business.  Well, if this were true, there would not be a debate on such a large-scale.  Our next letter comes from a writer we'll call "Barb."  Barb writes that Chicago's ban seems to work well for all the taverns.  Well, it's a long drive to Chicago especially when you're driving back drunk.  Our next letter comes from a writer we'll call "Keith."  Keith writes that after a night in the bar he has a headache, stomachache, watery eyes and an empty wallet.  Well, this does not sound like symptoms from secondhand smoke in as much as it does the brown bottle flu.

These are a sampling of common topics written by the general public on the subject of secondhand smoke.  As always, please direct your further rebuttals to the editor.  Which editor you may ask?  I don't know.

WFB Municipal Judge Candidate: Paul Christensen

Candidate Profile, Election

We have another race in Whitefish Bay, for Municipal Judge.   Current Judge Patrick Brennan is leaving his post, and two challengers are on the ballot.  The first is Robert Peterson who owns his own firm specializing in criminal law .. the other is Paul Christensen who has a general law practice on the East Side of Milwaukee.  For the record, current Judge Brennan has had the position for 15 years, and defeated Peterson 3 years ago.

I admit I didn’t intend to do candidate profiles for the Judge race, mainly because, probably like most people in Whitefish Bay, I don’t know upon what platform you would vote for or against a candidate for Municipal Judge.   Not being a troublemaker myself, I didn’t even know we had a Judge!  Turns out, we do, and Municipal court is in session two days per month, hearing the cases we all read about in the Crime Blotter, e.g., DWIs, bad checks, juvenile crime. 

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You won't read anything more important than this

I have a M.A. degree in history.  Scholarship and accuracy are extremely important to me regarding American politics and American history.  What I am about to tell you is so startling that you will find it hard to believe.  But it is true and I shall try, in this small space, to document everything.  Please understand that this is not limited to George W. Bush.  Just because he is about to leave office does not mean the Bush history can be ignored.  And the Clintons have joined some of the same circles and are also a threat with their egotistical ambitions and bowing to the biggest corporations worldwide.

From late in the 19th century, the U.S. has had a tendency to support what we now label as Nazi or fascist thoughts about favors for the rich, special hand-outs to the biggest corporations, rigging elections and all of "democracy," and giving the richest people and families attributes and trust that they never deserved.  Any study of the Carnegies, Rockefellers, Fords, duPonts, Harrimans, etc. will clearly show this to you.  McCarthy played into this fascistic attitude and put down anyone who gave a hint of social democracy or support for the poor and middle class.  One big exception through all this was FDR, with hints of it in Harry Truman.  But you see what has happened to the progressive programs of those two presidential exceptions.  Douglas MacArthur and Charles Lindbergh were American heros with Nazi tendencies.  Lindbergh openly lauded Hitler and admired that maniac.

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Blame Walker for Mass Transit Death Spiral

Cut cut cut. No no no. It’s a good thing that Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker isn’t in charge of childhood nutrition in our homes. All of our children would be dead of starvation.

Unfortunately Walker is in charge of funding for transportation and he’s deciding which routes are worthy of funding for a few more years and which ones are falling victim to his budget hacksaw. It’s been pretty difficult to get people to ride the bus if you’re eliminating the stops near their house or near their destination. If you want to make it tougher, and clearly Walker does, go ahead and raise fares to among the highest in the country.

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No Time for News


We knew the day was coming.  We knew it would be a big day for the media.  It was Brett Favre's retirement.  And with all of the Packer fans in Wisconsin who believe that they are the number one Packer fan, I did expect this to be a big story.  We knew it would even be the lead story.  But I did not expected to be the only story available on television's local news.  I did not expected to be the only story on television's local news for multiple days.

The wall-to-wall coverage was entirely fortuitous.  The rerunning and rerunning of press conferences, player reaction, and the lack of further development was ridiculous.  The entire story was summed up in three words-Brett Favre retires.  The TV news channels made a conscious decision to avoid all other news.  This is another blatant display of how TV news views its audience of having absolutely no memories.  They thought we forgot that we are in the middle of a presidential election.  They thought we forgot that there is economic news that the Federal Reserve was taking actions that is going to impact taxpayers and homeowners across the country.  They thought we forgot that there was the possibility of terrorist activity in New York City.  Instead we had hour upon hour of standing in front of a convenience store in Mississippi asking anybody who comes out with a six pack in their hand if they have any insight to what Brett Favre is thinking.

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Tom Fehring: WFB Trustee Candidate

Candidate Profile, Election, Tom Fehring

Village Board Trustee Candidate Tom Fehring sent me an update about his campaign.

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Well Bowl Me Over!

I can't believe it!  What a sucky week/month/year it's been for Wisconsin tradition.  First, Brett Favre retires--which, if you believe the almost 24-hour news coverage of a choked up Brett Favre tearfully telling his fans he just doesn't have the heart to keep on playing, Wisconsinites have been plunged into a deep dark depression--a cold, grey, athletic, nuclear winter.  Thankfully, TV land has plenty of psychiatrists to help us all through our grief counseling.  But no sooner did we get past the denial stage in our Green Bay grieving process did we get hit with a double loss:  Bowling is leaving Milwaukee.  That's right, folks, the United States Bowling Congress is picking up and moving to Arlington Texas to cozy up with a bowling owner's association.  The USBC leaving Milwaukee is no different than other near or actual catastrophes to hit the region:  Midwest Airlines leaving Milwaukee (sort of), Gen Con leaving Milwaukee (and yes, it still hurts the geek in me) or Miller leaving Milwaukee.

What's that?  Miller's leaving Milwaukee?  OK, so that hasn't happened QUITE yet, but I'm very pessimistic about the outlook.  After all, Milwaukee isn't the brewing hub it once was.  Of course, Milwaukee isn't quite the job hub it was, either.  Milwaukee has seen a steady stream of companies close, reduce labor forces, or otherwise run for the border over the last few decades.  In any event, Miller's headquarters is almost certainly to move to some "neutral turf", and unless someone gets their tail in gear, the chances of keeping their production here seems similarly ill-fated.

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New Ideas for Old Ideas

climate change, Government, Politics

While out on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton promises to help the economy propel forward by having people put solar panels on houses.  In barren plains, there will be windmills generating megawatts of electricity sans pollution and extractive resources.  Are these new ideas for the 21st century?  No, they are rejected ideas from as late as the 1970s.

One of the curses of having a good memory is that I remember things from long ago vividly while trying to find more facts on these events that I had witnessed becomes increasingly difficult.  Even with the Internet.  One of these immense was an infomercial which would sell the average homeowner a wind mill.  They would hook it up to their electrical service to their house and would only need electricity from the power company when there would be long periods of no wind.  This would slow down your electrical meter.  What would make this even need more irresistible offer is that there was a law on the books that required the power company to buy the extra electricity generated by this windmill.  This would make a house virtually self-sufficient electrically.  You could even make money on this.  You would be selling your extra electricity.  But I must've been the only one who saw this infomercial because I did not see any windmills going up.  None.

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Thank you for seeing how fascism is creeping into the U.S.

When I posted my previous blog about the sinister, secret moves by American capitalists to install a Nazi/fascist state in the U.S., and how American capitalists financed Hitler's rise to power, I thought I would be flooded with people who were suspicious of my statements or thought I was a nutcase.  Instead, you recognized my years of study on this subject as a scholar and observer, and e-mailed me thanks and appreciation.  I remember well speaking out at Hyde Park Corner in London about this, and having an Englishman who was a speaker there turning to the audience and saying about my remarks: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just experienced a miracle: an American who knows what-the-hell he is talking about."  Such is the impression Europeans have of our blindness to creeping fascist capitalism here.

Since my last blog pointed to the past and the examples of fascist/Nazi actions by American capitalists years back, allow me to up-date things and point to the revelations spelled out in a more recent book:

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Tax Your Way to Better Living

Government, Politics, taxes

Jim Doyle is once again showing his lack of leadership and his intent to destroy life as we know it here in Wisconsin.  His proposed new spending is causing his need to raise taxes again in Wisconsin.  Having spent the last six months trying to put together a budget for the state, the governor and the Legislature have failed at putting together a good budget.  Now only six months after putting together a budget, new tax increases are being proposed to fill in the shortfall created just last year.

Last month's job losses were among the largest in the country here in Wisconsin.  And what is Governor Doyle doing to make the state more business family so that more businesses will want to expand and bring more jobs here in Wisconsin?  He's raising taxes.  While most of last year, the Legislature wasted month after month trying to piece together a budget that would hold the line on taxes, improve quality of life, and increase spending.  I don't have to be the first one to tell you that they failed.  Jim Doyle is once again trying to push through a tax bill that will raise taxes through hospitals.  If America elects a Democrat in the fall, with socialized healthcare, this will be the largest expenditure by the government.

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Nick Bohr's Inexcusable Lack of Journalistic Integrity


Listening to Channel 12 reporter Nick Bohr “report” on Scott Walker you would think it was a paid television ad. Bohr not only let Walker get away with deceiving news watchers about the fiscal health of Milwaukee County, but he failed to call Walker to the carpet for the destruction of the infrastructure and overall health of the county. Bohr then proceeded to let Walker take ridiculous and deceptive pot shots at challenger and State Senator Lena Taylor.

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County Executive:  You know, this time around I briefly considered voting for Walker.  I know, I'm shocked, too.  Let me explain what was going on in my head, because there were several things.  In no particular order,  first, I think his pseudo-revolution has come, pun intended, full-circle, and the Board of Supervisors has finally regained its sense of balance and independence.  That means that our elected supervisors are back to doing what they need to be doing--working on the County Budget and finding real solutions to our problems.  No one likes paying more in taxes, but Walker's anti-tax-increase position stand doesn't have nearly the force (morally, politically, or economically) that it once did.  Increasingly, he is becoming a relic.  The fallout of the scandal that saw his rise has been fading away.  Thus, I think that the Supervisors can--and are--standing up to him.  That's a good sign.  Also, Walker's perceived right-of-center views on a bunch of issues certainly turn me off.  But so what?  Being a county executive means, literally, being an executive--an enforcer.  Most of those policies I'd fear, in my opinion, are not able to see the light of day because his job is not a policy job like most political jobs.  It is a non-partisan, largely managerial position. And heck, there's really nothing evil about someone who just wants to save money, right? I mean, that's a laudable goal.  That means that we should be able to give someone a bit of a break and look to see what the job is that he's doing.  Plus he's got several years of experience under his belt.  So why, then, NOT vote for Walker, if I could hypothetically overlook his perceived shortcomings?  For me it's simple.  Lena Taylor to me appears to be bright, passionate, and motivated.  She's also seen the effects of the policies that Walker has implemented, and rightly fears the continual decline or elimination of county services or involvement in transit, parks, the House of Correction and Community Correctional Center.  She may be the least experienced, and might not have the executive experience that Walker has, but I think that it's time to try someone new on for size.  Let's vote for Lena.

Next on my list?  County Supervisor.  And for that I pick:  Theo Lipscomb.  Theo Lipscomb is a bright, upstart guy who already has experience in real estate and community development.  He has local roots in Glendale.  And he's a nice guy.  But most importantly, he's pretty sharp, too.  The supervisor election is an important one because no incumbent will appear on the ballot.  Including the incumbent.  The incumbent for the district that encompasses most of Glendale going South is James White.  I have to say, he appears to be an intelligent fellow with experience.  But he has never represented the people of Glendale.  In fact, he only did after the districts were redrawn a few years ago and he got a big chunk of our community.  When he went out collecting signatures, he had a significant number thrown out--almost a third, if I recall, because he went to people that weren't in his district anymore for their nomination.  That tells me he's out of touch with our community.  Lipscomb is wise (and, I think it's fair to say, a bit ballsy), because he took on the challenge of running a massive write-in campaign after White was not allowed to be placed on the ballot.  I think that freshness of perspective and smarts merits a vote.

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How Bush & Cheney benefit from Iraq War

Put the questions you choose in the list that tries to explain why we entered the Iraq War when there were no weapons of mass destruction there, no link to bin Laden, no threat to the U.S.,  and lies used to justify this amazing mistake.   But there are other, more sinister questions that we should be inquiring about. 

What two men in the U.S. seem to benefit most from our ongoing failures in Iraq?  Consider, please, that before Dick Cheney became Vice President, he was the CEO of Halliburton Corp.  No corporation has taken in more money related to fighting the Iraq War than Halliburton.  And billions of dollars were not only given to Halliburton without any bid process, they have squandered untold billions that have vanished into thin air.  And if you know anything about history, you know that the Bush family fortune is tied to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi family.  Our current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, made many millions by arranging illegal oil sales from the Saudis to Adolf Hitler.  Remember, then, that the majority of the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were from Saudi Arabia [and so is bin Laden].  Bush's oil corporation buddies are reaping record-breaking profits in today's oil market...contrived oil market...and so are the Saudis.

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Sales Tax Increase is NOT the Answer

County Government, Government, Politics, taxes

Once again local Democrats are offering their sullen view on how much quality of life has eroded here in Milwaukee County.  The parks are in decline, bus ridership is skewing toward zero and the children are still sick and stupid.  And again local Democrats are urging us to hop on the bandwagon and support the only possible solution that will make things better again-higher taxes.

People are proposing an increase in the sales tax in order to make the buses better in Milwaukee County.  This did not work in Chicago and it will not work here.  Chicago is now one of the most highly taxed cities in America.  As long as we have Jim Doyle as governor, he will put his efforts into making Milwaukee number one in high taxation.  There is also that money set aside for new transportation in Milwaukee County.  $91.5 million needs to be spend on new methods of transportation.  This of course would be a gross waste of money because you cannot create a light rail system that has one small route that will connect the poor to the jobs.  $91.5 million will not cover the costs of maintaining this.  It can't.  The costs will go on forever.  And of course route upon route will have to be added further in breaking the backs of the taxpayer to create new rail system that will go somewhere.

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    Well, duh!  Who did you think I'd endorse?  You know, I think I've done a good job of keeping my political activities out of my blog, but I feel that now is the time to step forward and tell you guys why I feel I am the better candidate.

   Let me preface that with a few brief thoughts.  Although people are not always happy with how their government performs regardless of which level of government, overwhelmingly I hear praise about Glendale.  And I share in that praise.  Our fellow residents love the city and the 4th District, and our schools.  Glendale shares a strong communal identity unparalleled in other North Shore areas.  However, many residents see the need for improvement in some areas, and feel that they are either dissuaded from being able to fully express their concerns or their concerns are overlooked and the status quo is maintained.  The common threat is that people want to see a bit more common sense in their leadership.  They want the community to be brought together, not torn apart.  And they want to feel they are being heard.

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An Air Force of One

County Government, Government, Politics, taxes

Last week, while I was listening to the radio in the afternoon, I came across a segment by Mark Belling.  In this segment, he was just about to blow a gasket over how he believes he is one of the few people, who is aware of the latest move to increase just about every tax there is and how he believes he is the only one who is coming out against all of these needless tax increases.

I know how he feels.

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You mean Republicans cause high taxes? Duh.

By far the number one cause of your high tax bills are the silly, selfish, counterproductive, short-sighted programs of the Republicans and conservatives.   Repeat: the main reason you have such high taxes is the action by Republicans.  Solely the Republicans?  No, but the overwhelming target for high tax is the middle class.  And  conservatives aim for them.

It takes a little knowledge to see how this works.  But make no mistake about it, your high tax bill is caused by those who have the most wealth in the U.S.  And you, sucker that you are, have bought into this.  You have allowed yourself to be sold a bill of goods that all taxes are bad ...until you need some social benefit from them yourself.  You have allowed some huge corporations to pay no taxes.  You have allowed the richest people in America to pay a smaller tax percentage of what they take in than you pay.  Yes, a smaller percentage!  What do you think is the cause of our complicated,  loop-holed tax structure?   Do you have a high class CPA doing your tax filing, or do you use an unsophisticated tax fililng company [or do them yourself]?  Unless you have the upper tier of financial tax wizards doing your tax filing, you are being cheated.  And that is designed that way to confuse you and take advantage of you.  Is it difficult for you to believe that someone making over 100 times the income you do is not paying any taxes?  It happens.  And the conservatives want to give these wealthy people and corporations bigger tax breaks!   YOU are the sucker!

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County Executive Race: Deceit for All

County Government, Government, Politics, taxes

I wish Lena Taylor would stop sending her campaign literature to me.  She doesn't have anything forr me to convince me to cast a vote for her. She only says that she is a tax-and-spend liberal.  I already know that she is going to waste more money and push for the highest taxes ever imagined in Milwaukee County history.  How she expects people to believe her cozenage, I don't know.

In her own literature, she speaks about how she will make use of untapped resources.  Translation: higher taxes.  It goes on: by identifying how to invest our dollars... translation: she is going to be spending money like crazy.  Also in the pamphlet, it says that her relationship with the Democratic Party will help her explore and maximize available funds.  Translation: she is going to bully everybody into raising taxes.

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Time Warner's Inexcusably Bad Service

Consumer Alert, Time Warner

It started out as a whimsical idea -- buy a high definition flat screen TV's so I could watch all my favorite action movies on a significantly bigger screen.

I called Time Warner to get an upgrade to the HD service and DVR.  I was sold on their "all the best" package.  That's when the problems started.

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