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Early Fall Colors

Everyone longs to see the wonderfully vibrant colors of autumn appear and turn an otherwise unremarkable landscape into something really special. While we are enjoying them, there are a few things to consider to help evaluate the health of our trees.

Almost always, when these colors appear earlier than other trees of the same species, it means trouble. It can mean that the root system has root rot, girdling roots or other issues. The trunk can have cankers, girdling wire, borers, sapsucker or animal damage, or anything that restricts sap flow up or down the trunk. It can mean that health has deteriorated badly, drought stress is catching up with it, or that physical trauma to roots or trunk is significant.

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Magical Experience In A Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market is my playground during summer and fall weekends. I love the vibrant fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers that farmers so enthusiastically bring to us in their trucks for bargain prices. I feel so happy to talk to the farmers and enjoy buying farm fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers. To me, farmers look like so divine when they bring the nutrient-rich, fresh produce harvested from their farms.

I was invited to do cooking presentations in two open air farmer's markets in Milwaukee this summer and fall. In both places, it was a beautiful sight to see people so relaxed, talking to each other and asking farmers, what is this, what is that, and how do you cook this vegetable and so on.

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Criticism? First, know your history

 Perhaps the greatest anger and critical rants that I receive come from people who believe the mythology about the United States; they have drunk the Kool-Aid.  There is nothing more viscious than a right-winger who thinks God and all the forces of the world are on his or her side.  Exhibit A might be Timothy McVeigh.  He was so incensed by the federal government that he chose to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City and kill hundreds of his fellow citizens.  THAT is homegrown terrorism.  But it gets worse.

The real terrorism that is being foisted on the U.S. is also by its own citizens.  Greed mixed with wealth is doing its best to punish the poor and middle class for not being millionaires.  There is absolutely no excuse for not being rich.  And because you are not rich and greedy, the right-wing wants to choose to take away a few precious crumbs of yours so the rich and greedy can receive yet more tax breaks and special favors.  Look at the federal budget.  The military-industrial complex gets the most.  Republican President Eisenhower warned us about the greed of the military-industrial complex.  Who do you suppose benefits most from the huge Pentagon budget?   Ex-CEO of Halliburton, V.P. Dick Cheney, saw to it that his old company got many sweetheart and non-bid contracts.  It is happening right now, this minute.

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Things to Think About Now

The growing season is winding down and another summer has passed. Our trees and landscape plants are going dormant – dormant but very much alive. Fall is the time to think about protecting your plants for the winter and preparing for next year.

·         Protect young trees and shrubs from deer feeding and antler rubbing. Install wire mesh fencing supported by stakes to create a physical barrier. The fence needs to be 4’ tall at a minimum.

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Amidst all the platitudes, cliches, and niceties we are fed regularly by the media and all that appears on radio and TV that is purchased by wealthy individuals and huge corporate conglomerates, Americans are lulled and duped into thinking that these economic and political swings are normal.  If you do not know historical accuracy, you accept all this as normal.  You stand by and surrender to your wealthy masters.

We have no clue that today both major American political parties are right of center.  The Democrats have yielded/surrendered/ceded their progressive stance to more conservative forces, and the Republicans have moved farther and farther to the right.  What we are left with is a nation whose political, economic, and social face is now accepted as that of "true" Americana.  We, without realizing it, are  now beholden to a greed that uses flavoriings from whatever movement will give them more special favors and sweetheart deals.

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Welcome to the North Shore Library Blog

North Shore Library, Chad Lewis, Haunted, Wisconsin

Welcome to the North Shore Library Blog. This blog will keep you up to date on the lastest events and programs here at the library. Be sure to check back often for the latest news from your libary.


Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

With Author and Paranormal Investigator Chad Lewis

As heard on Coast to Coast A.M.


North Shore Library

Saturday October 20, 2012 1 p.m.


Free and Open to the Public - All Ages Welcome!!!


Chad Lewis takes the audience on a ghostly journey to some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. It

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OMG, We deserve better!

I don't know, maybe it is our own fault.  Maybe our political and historical ignorance has caused it.  Maybe our own bigotry and insensitivity have brought it to be.  Whatever the cause, it seems obvious that the four top offices in the U.S. should go to people far better qualified than those we must give our vote.

I carefully watched the Presidential  and Vice-Presidential debates.  Not much there.  A leading nation in the world can do better than those guys.  A leading nation in the world MUST do better.

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How Often Should a Tree be Pruned?

Pruning is one of the most important ways to care for your tree(s). Regular pruning provides ongoing maintenance and routine care. The art and science of pruning is to determine how much to remove, where to remove it, and how often to do it.

                Regular pruning helps:

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If we had legitimate presidential-level candidates running for the White House instead of bought-and-paid puppets, they would be discussing some extremely important topics that are being avoided.   

Why are our top four candidates not focusing in on the following...

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"You damn right..." I M 4 Tammy Baldwin!

It astounds me how Wisconsin citizens buy the crude snake oil pitches of Tommy Thompson.  Haven't you had enough of this small town carnival side-show?  Tommy reeks with the smell of the small town hick who played the big peoples' game of politics and turned it into $13 million of his own money.  It has been done many times before by others, but it is usually limited to places like rural Mississippi or Alabama.  The only requirement is that you either turn your back on ethics and morality or simply don't know any better when it comes to principles.  With Tommy, you take your pick.

His legend is branded into Wisconsin mythology.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is still heralded by many as a great one.  His fight for the common man is believed by many.  His down-home approach with the public is embedded in our state's story-telling ["Believe me, ladies and gentlemen..."].

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Whatever Happened to Simpson Bowles?

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I, like all of you, share the concern with the national debt. This is been a perennial topic for generations, and because we're still talking about it today, no viable solution has been reached. I am also in agreement that the time to act is now in order to preserve it fiscally fit nation for our future and the future of those who come after us. At the end of last month, we concluded our fourth year in a row in which the national debt has exceeded $1 trillion. Obviously, Washington is not serious about seeking a solution to this long-term problem of long term debt.

Each time we elect a president, their administration pledges to put us on a track for a balanced budget, a surplus, and retirement of our debt. As we know, that has not happened recently. After major dissatisfaction with the previous administration, we elected our current president abound with pledges to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. This president has claimed to inherit $1 trillion fiscal deficit and pledged in February 2009 that he would cut that deficit in half by the end of his first term. If we look at the results of the last fiscal year which ended on September 30, it was not even close. We elected this president on the pledge that he would go through the budget line by line looking at every program and asking if it was effective. But for the politically aware, we know that the president has not passed a budget in the past three years. So I guess that means promise kept. To quote the president: In 2008, candidate Obama said, "We now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back.... That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic." And in 2007, he said, "[W]e are also not running up deficits and asking China to bail us out ... it's pretty hard to have a tough negotiation when the Chinese are our bankers."

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Drought Damage – What is it? Do My Trees Have it? and What Does it Mean for Them?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind following the deepest drought on record for southeastern Wisconsin. It is easy to see the problems for annuals, perennials, and turf, but how about the trees? Many look “ok” now – are they?

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Aaron Rodgers for President!

OK, for all of us complainers and huffers and puffers about the candidates we are forced to choose for President of the United States, who would we rather have for a choice for that high office?

Aaron Rodgers, for sure.  If nothing else, he is a "straight shooter."

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Media stations ALLOW political lies.

Several studies have concluded that at least 1/3 of presidential advertising in the media has one or more lies in them.  Let me repeat: we are being lied to via political ads over and over. 

Does anyone bear any responsibility for this?  Of course the candidates do.  Of course candidate staffs do.  But what about the radio and TV local stations?  Does your local TV station have any responsibility in this?

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Is U.S. democracy over?

Each of us has a facet of his/her personality that secretly and/or without self-awareness tells us that we know more than we do.  I'm guilty of it.  All of us are.

I have no farther to go than the comments I used to get from readers of my blog.  Some were strange.  Some were sexist.  Some were racially bigoted.  Some were religiously bigoted.  Many were politically ignorant, yet written with a self-assured tinge, even when they were clearly uninformed and illiterate to complex issues.  But always with the silly confidence that they were right and others were wrong.  God was on their side.

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Dear Staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Allow me please to describe our recent experience with the staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Compassionate, understanding, warm, sincere, friendly genuinely are interested in the health and love of trees, truly listen to the customers words, concerns, not just hear but truly listen with their hearts, courteous respectful of property, knowledgeable and share that knowledge with their customers, offer realistic hope, options to save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree,

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A Second First Term

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden seemed especially energized on the campaign trail. They are doing what they do best--campaigning. They've also been recently criticized for having no second term agenda. And how do they answer? With a recently thrown together pamphlet with several points on how they will conduct their second term.

The problem is that this pamphlet is about economic patriotism. Economic patriotism is Obama's euphemism  for "let's raise taxes." And when they say "let's raise taxes, "they're including everybody on that. Not just the rich, not just the wealthy, not just the 1%. Everybody.

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Election observations...

 The reluctant "break" from campaigning by the Presidential candidates is very touching.  Well, kind of.  Romney used the campaign respite to do his part for his country [translation: image].  He is out raising funds to help the hurricane victims along the Atlantic seaboard.  And he chose to do it in the Atlantic coast state of Ohio.  Strange map.  But the Red Cross can always use funds.  And the Romney campaign can always use the exposure Ohio.  

If the election were held today it appears that Romney would win the popular vote, and Obama would win the Electoral College vote.  More strangeness.  Our Founding Fathers were dealing with a new nation that was made up of primarily uneducated citizens.  The Electoral College was to protect our Founding Fathers from stupid mistakes made by uneducated voters.  That was a safeguard to assure that only the landed gentry of while males could be elected.  Ah, our Foundaing Fathers.  The foundation of bigotry forged into our U.S. Constitution.  But we simply ignore that.  It disrupts our mythological image of democracy and fairness.

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