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A Huge 1%

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Sometimes I find it hard to fathom what the government of Wisconsin is doing and why it is doing it. The upcoming budget has a glaring example of either the stupidity of the state government, the selfishness of the governor, or the pay to play political scheme that is going on in Wisconsin and is allowed to continue to do so.

In the state budget, there is a provision to change how personal injury lawsuits will be handled in the future. Why the media does not even bring this up is beyond me. This represents even the worst of the liberal agenda that is being shoved down our throats as part of the political trend we are now in. From what I have heard, and they don't get any facts from the media because they do not report on this, personal injury lawyers can now sue any party of an accident for all damages, medical and others, if the other party is at fault for as little as 1%.

This change can be nothing more blatant than political payola from the trial lawyers political action committee. This means whoever is at fault is based on who has the best insurance. If you have no insurance, the other party is at fault. If you have insurance and the party who hit you does not have insurance, you are responsible because you have insurance. It's yet another example on how if you are responsible and abide by the rules by providing yourself with adequate insurance, you are being screwed by the people who take no responsibility and wish to throw caution to the wind.

In just about any given an automobile accident, the party who is not at fault would be considered roughly 20% liable just for being at the scene of the accident and being involved. So how can a person only be 1% at fault? This seems immoral, unethical, and just plain wrong. Yet it's going to be made legal by Jim Doyle.

In this tough economic time, someone with no insurance and a piece of crap car can choose a target with insurance, run into them, and collect big money with the aid of the personal injury lawyer. Who would need to work anymore? Staging accidents can become a career in the way of life. If this becomes legal, it can't be made moral. How more ostentatious can these lawyers get? The result to the working person will be a huge increase in insurance premiums. Another thinks to Gov. Doyle. People should be required to have insurance. I thought they were until I found out recently they were not. There are enough uninsured motorists on the road without letting them become a way of life. How soon will it be before the responsible people in this state realize that they cannot afford to live here anymore? What is becoming of this era of progressivism? I thought progressivism was supposed to lead us in a better direction. Apparently it only does if you can afford to make a donation to the governor's campaign. Then he can sneak a jackpot for you into the bi-annual budget to be paid for by the ignorance of the general public. I think I'm figuring out what is meant by the old cliché -- no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

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