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Governor Walker's Resignation Announcement Leaves Huge Void at Capitol: Governor Kleefisch

MADISON Wisconsin (AF NEWS) - In a stunning news announcement being widely circulated on the internet by me, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is expected to announce his resignation from the post at noon, on the Capitol Steps.  Walker, besieged by rampant discord and non-stop protests, has indicated he just can't bear the stress anymore of running a state. 

Walker began his remarks by indicating that he had grown wary of the Tea Party and disillusioned with the allure of the Koch brothers.  Regarding the Tea Party, he opined that the modern movement would have better support today if, back in 1776, the founding fathers had thrown something other than tea off the ship.  "I mean, for real, why couldn't it have been good old-fashioned reefer?"  Like, if we were the BUD party, no one would be challenging us.  Dude, we'd all just get be getting along.  It would be really, groovy, man." 

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Ford and Sauer are easy choices for Shorewood Village Board Election April 5th (Michael Sauer, Answers Questions on Issues)

Shorewood Village Board Election 2011, Candidate Response, Michael Sauer

Candidates for Shorewood Village Board, Don Ford and Mike Sauer are my choices to endorse.

The four candidates running for the two open seats are Don Ford, incumbent Michael Maher,  Michael  Sauer and Christopher Piotrowski,

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There were many complaints expressed against new Governor Scott Walker's sudden, draconian actions that were not mentioned in his campaign.  Some will argue that he gave hints; but not about the most drastic actions.  The entire nation was caught by surprise.  And lies, distortions, and camouflage were rampant.

Some took some demonstrating walks around the Capitol.  Some carried signs.  Some chanted.  Some yelled.  Some slept over.  It was all done amazingly and relatively peacefully.  But so far it has not changed one vote.  Your chance comes Tuesday.

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Winning The Future?

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Every once in a while, a creative person will come up with a new idea or a new phrase in which they think that it is just the best phrase and people will be jealous of what a good phrase that is. People will be jealous that they did not come up with it themselves. And it will be a good phrase until somebody points out house to put it really is. A good example of a phrase like that is; winning the future.

What exactly is winning the future? Well, it's Barack Obama's phrase for 2012 because he is now a candidate for President of the United States. Having no record of success to run on, he now has to base his campaign again on the hope and change. Once again, the citizens of America will be asked to paint a rosy picture of what they would like America to be and convince themselves that having Barack Obama as president would achieve that goal. Obama had to start early, so that people will have enough time to convince themselves that this is how America should be.

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The results in Wisconsin in Tuesday's election are obviously a repudiation and shot across the bow to Governor Scott Walker.  I hope he is paying attention to what the people have clearly stated, and not just acting as a delivery boy for the Koch Brothers and other wealthy supporters who tried to take the state away from the people.  Don't gloat, Democrats, don't act like the arrogant right-wingers who see elections as victories for their ideology and not a way to help the people. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race was expected to be an overwhelming victory for David Porsser.  The primary election had him winning in a landslide.  JoAnne Kloppenburg was a very weak candidate.  She had been by-passed for a judgeship nomination by both President Obama and Democratic Governor Jim Doyle.  She has never been a judge.  She has a dull personality.  Yet she is now running neck-to-neck with Prosser.  That tells us a great deal.  If an extremely weak candidate can run so closely in an election  with a man who served on the Supreme Court for over ten years and had the infusion of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the last several days, well that is evidence of a strong rejection of the Republican actions of recent weeks.  Prosser even had said that a vote for him would help in carrying out Walker's plans.  Are you now paying attention?  Please, Justice Prosser, no more calling women on the Supreme Coury "bitches."  Start acting like a Justice on the state's highest court.

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Did you ever wonder WHY ?

WHY, drink and drive, liquor store, no alcohol sales after 9:00 PM

Do you ever wonder WHY? we, or others do certain things -- or WHY there are certain rules or laws -- or WHY the CW ( conventional wisdom) is whatever on a particular topic?

I often wonder WHY -- hence this blog. 

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Look at today's [Sunday, April 10] Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Turn to page 2 of the first section.  This is but one incident in the truckload of lies perpetrated daily by the right-wing.  Yes, there are lies on both sides, but the right-wing has taken this to a new, outlandish level.

In the recent race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it was expected to be a romp for David Prosser.  After all, he held a seat on the Court for eleven years.  He was the incumbent.  He won overwhelmingly in the primary.  Opposing him was little-known JoAnne Kloppenburg.  She had never been a judge at any level.  Her campaign was limping along, and there was no dynamic in her appeal.

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Is there a Doctor in the House --- an Economist --- a Butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick Maker --- need your help on Healthcare

Healthcare, Citizen Input, How do we reform our Healthcare System

I don't care what party you belong to, if any, or what your political leanings are, if any, or your preferences on economic systems ------ no matter what your convictions are ........ the number one concern of our society and of our economic well being is HEALTHCARE.

The Dog and Pony show that the Democrats and Republicans are putting on in DC over the budget deficit, and the national debt, is good circus, but is not addressing the hard issues.

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Barry's Victory Lap

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Over the past two years, the mission and agenda of the Obama administration has been to increase America's dependence on the government. Perhaps this is why the media was taking so many steps to make this look like a dire situation. Why, without the government the soldiers would not defend our shores. The police would not secure the streets. And the teachers would not be in the classroom-this time for a different reason. But what would actually happen with the government shutdown?

From what has been actually reported, the federal parks and monuments would be closed. This would have the largest effect in Washington DC. People who paper filed their tax returns would have a delay in getting the refund. But who is filing this lake to the deadline and is still expecting a refund? I would not be of the essence in this case. Well, the list could go on but a partial government shutdown may not have a big impact in which the mainstream media would have you believe. Life as we know it would continue.

If you pay any attention to the news, you are well aware of all the finger-pointing that has gone on as to who'll would be to blame for this partial government shutdown. But let's take a look behind the finger-pointing. Why did the situation really occur? The fiscal year for 2011 actually began Oct 01, 2010. In years past, the president has traditionally offered an annual budget in January or February giving the Congress Upton nine months to debate it or it are much pork will be in it, what are the pet projects, which Congressman will be bringing home the bacon are the things that get considered. Things that are generally assumed that there will be a huge annual deficit that perennially is debated as being too high. Yet it continues to grow. No one actually believes that the annual budget will be balanced this year or anytime soon.

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We have all smiled as FOX and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, tell us how objective their news reporting is.  We see the slanted and unprofessional news reporting daily on FOX.  We see Republican presidential hopefuls posing as political commentators on FOX.   We know where Rupert Murdoch's political money goes. 

Since Rupert Murdoch brought his right-wing news machine to America, professional journalism has taken a big hit.  Any pretense of objectivity left the country when he came here.  This is obvious to anyone who actually knows what objective, professional journalism is.  But the masks came off long ago.  The hangers-on to the fairy tale of FOX's objectivity can believe in a flat earth if they wish. 

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Them Dang Errors

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

A few years ago when I was flipping through the channels on the television, I came across an old rerun of My Favorite Martian. In this episode, Uncle Martin was dictating a letter. As he spoke the words, a typewriter across the room put the words to text. And of course, no one was actually doing the typing. The typewriter was doing it on its own.

When this was dreamed up in the mid-60s, people probably thought that this is pure science fiction. Yet less than half a century later, we know that it is fact. This can be done today. It isn't done the same way as it was in 1964, because today, hardly anyone uses a typewriter anymore.

This is how I write Logos of the Bogus. I don't sit in front of the computer and actually type away, I use text to speech software. I speak into a microphone and at just about the rate that I can speak, the words appear on the screen. It's much faster than typing, because I never really graduated above the 30 words per minute level. Yet, I can get in the zone and crank out a few articles in a lot less time. And of course, you can see some of the disadvantages of this. Although it is very accurate, some of the things I say get translated into very strange sentences. But because it doesn't know any misspelled words, nothing can be misspelled. So everything becomes dependent upon proofreading. As some readers may know, I don't put a lot of effort into proofreading everything that I write or say. This is a blog, not an English paper.

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Shorewood Ready to Provide $10 MiILLION for a PROJECT that is PREDICTED NOTto be PROFITABLE

Shorewood Finaincing Project, up to $10 million, Walgreens, Pick n Save, Project predicted not to be Profitable

In his Land and Space Blog of April 15, 2011 Journal Sentinel business reporter Tom Daykin wrote about a new project in Shorewood -- from that posting:

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One of the good things about Glenn Beck is that the numbers of people following him are dropping.  To follow Glenn Beck, let alone to believe what he says, puts you in some pretty horrible company.  Back before World War II, it was Catholic priest, Father Coughlin, using his national radio audience as a foil as he lauded the works and beliefs of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  Henry Ford, in his Dearborn Independent newspaper, supported Hitler and the Nazis.  There were others.  We had media support for Joe McCarthy, the John Birch Society, evangelical preachers, etc. all supporting right-wing, fascist causes.  Now we have FOX and Glenn Beck.  It is the sickest of movements when an extreme right-wing philosophy like Nazism and fascism rear their ugly head in support of right-wing wars and right-wing corporations.  They love to label social programs as socialism.  Corporations are fearful of socialism, and that is why World War II was fought to preserve the right-wing war corporations under Hitler and Mussolini from the growing left-wing march of socialism.  Out of the ashes of World War II emerged the compromise social democracies of western Europe, but not the U.S.  Right-wing extremism never truly died in the U.S.  And from time to time it re-appears.  It is re-appearing now.  Beck is a puppet/leader.

Is Beck a bigot?  What a question.  Of course!  Is he a Nazi or fascism proponent?  In today's version of it, yes he is.  Since Nazism and fascism have bad reputations in the U.S., Beck and the extreme right-wingers today use those names to attack others.  They love to use fear, bigotry, apocalyptic fortunetelling, etc. to work up a frenzy and blame liberals and left-wingers for everything ...and I mean everything.

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The End of Cooperation

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This week, President Barack Obama assumes the role that he loves best-candidate for president of the United States. As we have seen over the past two and half years, Obama enjoys being a campaigner much more than he does enjoy being president. As president, he is being held accountable. As a candidate, mistakes he makes can be attributed to speaking to his base.

As president, he proposed a budget for the 2012 fiscal year.(That was quite a feat as he did not do this the year before.) As a candidate, he did a do over. In response to the Republican's budget as proposed by Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, President Obama proposed his own budget that was to drastically reduce spending. Obama proposed what he called a more compassionate budget. Translation-spending is not going to be reduced so that more people can confidently become dependent on the government.

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Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Whenever I read the column written by George Will in the Washington Post, I have to open another tab in my browser for an online dictionary. Then I have to ask myself two questions. First, how does he come up with these words? Second, will I be able to use one of these words in a conversation at any time? Well, the other day George used the word blatherskite and I had to look it up. When I read the definition, I can only think of one person-Barack Obama.

Since becoming a candidate for reelection, President Obama has been holding more town hall style meetings in which ordinary citizens may ask pre-screened questions and the president will answer them without a Teleprompter. It may be what he does best, but it's not good.

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If you are an extreme right-winger, no matter what I write about war, you will haul out the same old cliches about me being a peacenik and insulting our men and women in uniform.  While that is grossly inaccurate to characterize me that way, I realize you can't help yourself.  It is tough to be an American when your critics all won World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War single-handidly.

Every discussion about war seems to bring out the anonymous critics who identify themselves as being the Pentagon's greatest secret weapon, now or anytime.  It is easy to be a hero when you can concoct fictional stories about yourself and your battle-tested comrades.  But when it comes to real identities and truth, so many critics are like George W. Bush, protecting the U.S. from the Vietcong Air Force in Texas or Alabama or wherever he was that A.W.O.L. year.

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The Diversions

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

President Barack Obama finally released his birth certificate in order to put to rest a distraction that takes our attention away from the real issues today. Even though the left brought it up more often, it is conservatives and Republicans who will get blamed for keeping this on the front burner. Three weeks of Donald Trump finally pushed the administration to releasing the document. We'll speak to rest? I'm sure there is a lot more spin to come. I'm sure the name-calling from the left is just getting started. After all, we have a year and a half until the election. We know it's got to get nasty. However, I agree with the president when he said that we've got bigger problems in this country. Then of course, he flew off to Chicago to sit on the Oprah Winfrey show.

But let's move to a real issue. High gas prices. In 2008, then-President George Bush was being blamed for high gas prices. Okay, we blame the president for a lot of the nation's problems. It comes with the territory. What did Bush do about it? In retrospect, I don't know. But gas prices did eventually come down for a while. Now, prices are high again. Again, the citizens of this country are looking to the president for a solution. We're looking for results. Will gas prices come down? Not yet.

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New stores coming to Bayshore


Two retailers new to Wisconsin will open stores at Bayshore Town Center in the coming months. They are One Tooth, a Canadian yoga-wear chain; and Charming Charlie, a Houston-based fashion jewelry and accessories chain.

One Tooth will replace a Nine West store that closed in March, in a space across from the Apple store in the northwest section of the center. A June opening is planned, according to Bayshore manager Chris Jaeger.

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Nothing is more difficult than to try and communicate with someone who is not informed or only informed with distorted/inaccurate information.  This is not a slam at anyone, but it is an expression of what people in the objective media are up against.  Legitimate and professional news outlets such as the BBC, DW, CBC, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, etc. are faced with ignorant stones thrown at them from people who do not know what they are talking about but now have all kinds of places where they can post their ignorant comments.  I'm pleased that we have the freedom to speak our mind in the U.S., but unfortunately too many do not have the wherewithal to understand the difference between intentionally distorted media and news journalism.

Historically it took a long, long time for many uneducated people to accept the fact that the world is not flat, and that the earth is not the center of our solar system.  I can clearly remember the large number of people who thought that our landing on the moon was a hoax.  Many people thought our moon landing was staged.  No amount of reliable news coverage could convince them otherwise.

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