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TIF, Shorewood Funding, Mandel Project, Walgreens, Trustee Hanewall, President Johnson


According to more than one news report, the proposed Mandel Project in Shorewood, will not be profitable as designed and presented. 

It was also reported that Funding from Shorewood of up to $10 Million, is being requested.

There has been a lot of funding by Shorewood for various projects over the past few years, and to learn that a project that would not be profitable might be the recipient of Public Financing by Shorewood, certainly brings a number of questions to mind.

I wrote an e mail (copy following) to all the Village Board Trustees, the Trustee Elect, and the Village Board President.

I am very happy to report that President Guy Johnson, and Trustee Hanewall responded to my inquiry, in great detail.  I thank them for their responses, and helping to keep the Public informed.

Copies of their responses are below  --- and I hope that they can be a great starting point for a public discussion on this particular project, and Village Financing over all.

Hopefully many of you who read this blog will respond with your opinions, and possibly questions for Mr Johnson and Mr Hanewall, as well as the other Trustees.

The workings of the Shorewood CDA are a mystery to many of us in  Shorewood, and hopefully this discourse will help to educate Shorewood’s residents, and give them the knowledge needed to interact with our Village Officials.



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BIN LADEN DEAD* (*Trump seeks long form death certificate.)

In Search of Chris Christie

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In a recent poll, it had been reported that approximately 40% of Republicans are not happy with the current field of presidential candidates. This will include the candidates who have declared their intent to run and those who are expected to run. The big question is twofold; can any Republican candidate beat Barack Obama in 2012, and if he can, can he be an effective president? When I say effective president, I'm referring to someone who can lead the country in the direction of prosperity and bring American greatness again. I do not mean effective as relevant to our past two presidents.

A generation ago, we had Ronald Reagan running for the presidency for the first time. He is now regarded as a great president. Did we know he was great in 1980? And if he was so great, why did it take until 1980 for us to discover this?

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It does not serve the United States well to have such a divided nation.  Polarization makes for awkward and ineffective democracy.  Self-righteousness can be a detriment to a free society.  Egocentric politics serves one person and that can be a detriment to the many.  Sometimes we have to get out of the way to make room for democratic sharing and consideration.  The majority, in a democracy, does not stand ready to deny rights to a minority.  In fact, majority decisions have been wrong many, many times; it is the cost of democracy.  And that is why these gloating self-interest and insensitive pronouncements are ruining our nation.

Perhaps I'm naive enough to believe that finally getting Osama bin Laden can be a uniting factor in our nation's struggle to move beyond partisan self-interest.  Why wouldn't every American feel this way?  Because egocentricity and selfishness stand in the way.  Too many of us cannot see beyond our nose.  We do not understand democracy and democratic precepts.  We think that if we can only get more people over to our side we are doing good for our nation.  But sometimes what we think is correct can indeed be wrong.  Sometimes selfishness and greed are in direct opposition to a nation that practices democracy.

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The Village of Bayside is embarking in a non-traditional way of enhancing pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle safety. This program is one component of a multi-faceted approach to slow vehicular traffic on Village streets, enhance driver attentiveness, and ultimately create a safer place for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic. With the "emotionally intelligent" signage contest, children and the public would create their own emotionally intelligent signage. Signs bearing slogans such as " We know your car is fast, slow down," and " You will stop for a duck, but you won't stop for a child" are just some of the unique ways communities have raised awareness and educated residents on pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Entry forms are available on the Village web site at and are due by May 27 at 4:30 p.m. The program includes a competition, with children filling out the entry form and returning it to the Bayside Village Hall. After judges determine the winning entries, the signs will be created and installed. TAPCO, Inc., headquarters in Brown Deer, has agreed not only to transform the winning entries into traffic signage, but will also be donating the first three (3) signs.

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Bin Laden's Death Sparks Wave of Online Scams

scams, Osama_Bin_Laden, Facebook_scam

Not long after we learned about the killing of Osama Bin Laden on Sunday, May 1, scammers were hard at work trying to profit from the news.

Within hours, websites were built claiming to show "leaked", uncensored pictures and videos of the firefight that killed the world's most notorious terrorist. Within days, links had spread to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Today, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) received an email from an "insider" wanting our help in smuggling Bin Laden's fortunes out of the country. However, they're all scams. We knew it was only a matter of time.

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Democrats confirm it: Pasch will run against Darling in recall


The Democratic Party and the committee to recall state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) are confirming that state Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) will challenge Darling in a possible recall election.

Gillian Morris, a spokeswoman for the party, confirmed that Pasch would run, as the Journal Sentinel reported in Thursday's paper.

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The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $40,000 grant from The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust. The grant will fund Shelter Smart II: A Foster Home Network for Behaviorally Challenged Dogs. 

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This past week has been a welcomed change in political attitudes.  A certain tolerance has finally entered the picture.  While some people are only happy when they hold onto a focus on differences, a small step toward compromise and healthy communication has taken place.  Focusing only on differences is counter-productive.  And we have given far, far too much attention to the nay-sayers.  If you have nothing positive to add to the conversation, perhaps it would be best for America if you shut up.

If you and I have differences of opinion, this opens up a good opportunity for dialogue.  Few Americans wish for the U.S. to fail or go backward.  Therefore we can start from a place where we can at least agree upon that.  Shouting, rants, negativity, hostility, lies, distortions, personal attacks, insinuations, etc. only stand in the way of communication and progress. 

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Barry's Big Bounce

climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Osama Bin Laden is dead. A commitment made almost 10 years ago has been fulfilled. If he was not brought to justice, justice was brought to him. I doubt that there have been very many tears shed over this. So where are the pictures? As a country who believes in freedom of the press, and people who naturally rubberneck with curiosity to see people at their worst, big brother government is going to shield us from ourselves for our own good. As part of a growing minority in America who still pays federal taxes, I believe I am due a picture.

The rationale of course, is that it will incite violence by radical Muslims. Yet these are the same Muslims that we are being told time and again are not really violent. But if you draw a cartoon or mock a Muslim leader, that is cause for condemnation. Condemnation by the United States.

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Children & Pets: FREE Columbia Center Seminars at the new Saukville shelter!

The Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus is proud to host Columbia Center for two special educational events:

Sunday, May 22, Introducing Your Baby to the Family Pet
Kim Rinzel, training manager from the Wisconsin Humane Society, will share tips and techniques on preparing your animals for your baby's arrival and their first introduction. RSVP for this event no later than May 18.

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Puppies, Parades and Prizes - Bring your dog!

Party with the Animals!
Dogs and their humans are invited to the Grand Opening Party Saturday at the new Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus in Saukville. Saturday festivities will include hot dog bobbing (dogs only, please), kids crafts, a visit from a K9 Unit from Cedarburg, a costume parade at 1:00 p.m., and much more!  There will also be dozens of puppies available for adoption, all of whom came from a shelter in Kentucky that was too overcrowded to provide care for them.

WHAT:       Grand Opening Party
WHEN:      Saturday, May 14, 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.  Parade starts at 1:00 
WHERE:   Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus, 630 W. Dekora  St., Saukville.

  • Costume parade at 1:00 p.m. 
  • Hot dog bobbing
  • Pupcasso paintings
  • Tricks for treats
  • Hay dig
  • Kids face painting
  • K9 Unit Officer Brian Emmrich and Jake from Cedarburg)
  • Gifts for all adopters
  • DOZENS of puppies, kittens, cats and dogs available for adoption 

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I will be away for awhile, having major surgery.  I have a favor to ask each of you...

I'm bothered by the tone of the comments here.  The non-civil comments are coming from both those on the right-wing and those on the left-wing.  Please stop, at least while I'm in the hospital.  And a seemingly cooperative statement followed by a snide remark is just as bad.  Stop it, please.

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Senate Seat for Sale

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Herb Kohl is calling it quits. After four terms, and becoming 19th in seniority, he is moving on. Recently, Herb Kohl made the news for bringing a defense contract in Wisconsin that will build ships in the Marinette area. I agree that this is good for Wisconsin, but what else has he done in his 24 years?

How many times has Herb Kohl brought home the bacon? How many projects has he gotten for the state Wisconsin during his tenure as a senator? I'm having a hard time thinking of examples. For just about all of his campaigns, this slogan has been "nobody senator but yours."This, of course, refers to his self financing of his campaigns. He has not spent a lot of time raising campaign cash nor has he made a lot of public appearances with his hand out. He hasn't needed to.

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Public Financing for Mandel Project --- Redevelopment of the Slums of Shorewood ?

Mandel Project, TIF, Shorewood, Public Financing, BUT IF, Walgreens

The proposed Mandel Project in the 4000 block of N Oakland in Shorewood has generated a lot of controversy.


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Dog treats needed at WHS!

We need dog treats!  We are running very low on soft dog treats, which are used by staff and volunteers for dog walking, dog training, dog evaluations, photo sessions, positive encouragement for shy dogs, and sometimes, just for fun.

The shelter is currently seeking soft dog treats such as Pupperoni or Bil Jacs. See the entire Wish List.  Donations can be dropped off at the Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue, during regular shelter hours.

Corporate Well Fair

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

I can't figure it out. Tax-and-spend liberals will grab their picket signs at the drop of a hat and truck on over to Madison to march in front of the Capitol and scream "unfair"if they believe a tax break would be given to a corporation especially if it were initiated by a Republican. But if there were to be a tax increase for specific use of, let's say a sports venue, then that's all well and good.

County executive Chris Abele recently came out and said that he would be against extending the stadium tax or creating another sales tax in order to build a replacement for the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee. Let's drink to that. Any other time, we would have crumbling schools, pothole filled streets, and understaffed for your departments. But when it comes to financing a sports venue, the tax-and-spend liberals have no problem with that. Well, here is the problem: we have a bunch of overpaid, under performing professional athletes that are being paid millions each year and yet the public is expected to construct their workplace.

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Creating a Summer Bucket List

This evening, after much deliberation, I bought a pair of Naot “Kayla” sandals to kick off the summer season.  It's my second pair and perhaps the most comfortable shoes I own.  Who cares that it’s 46 degrees and my toes are freezing. I'm breaking out my summer gear anyway because in one week, I’ll flip the calendar to June.  Mother Nature will just have to catch up.

Every summer, I pick one or two special places to go. And every summer, the months whiz by and I go nowhere.  This summer is going to be different. That’s because I’m creating a bucket list, plotting dates and taking full advantage of gifts like the one I get tomorrow.

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Catholic school to provide iPads for middle school students


A Catholic school in Fox Point will begin providing individual iPad mobile devices to middle school students next school year.

The school board for Saint Eugene Catholic School unanimously approved the devices for students in sixth through eighth grades, for use both in and out of the classroom.

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Ryan's Hope

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Even though we are still about a year and a half away from the presidential election, the Republican field is starting to take shape. Trouble is, there's not a lot of optimism in the current field. And the Democrats, being of the high moral character that they are, are looking for the weakest candidate to get nominated so that President Barack Obama can cruise to a second term. And of course, with all of this non-effort, the United States will continue to fall into mediocrity. What a great vision for America!

There are many pundits and political analysts who believe that Paul Ryan is going to enter the race. Although, I believe Paul Ryan is the face of the future of the Republican Party, I'm not so sure 2012 will be his year. He has become one of the most recognizable names in the House of Representatives as chairman of the budget committee, but he hasn't roistered up the level of excitement that he needs even within his own party.

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