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Is It Time for Chris Christie?

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After weeks of saying he will not run for president, after answering the question hundreds of times with what I thought was a solid "no", America awaits a decision by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Chris Christie has said that he will is not ready to be president. I thought that was a wise decision, because he needs to develop a track record of success and accomplishment in order to be elected in good faith by the American people.  But,  if you ask what we did four years ago, we elected a president whose only qualification and experience was that he was running for president of the United States. How did that work out? We got a uniter who is more divisive, and a solutions person who can't solve economic problems. It looks like the bar has clearly been lowered.

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It is interesting to read and see all the short-sighted, little, cute observations about politics and history.  Over 99% of people commenting on the state of affairs nationally and internationally have no idea about how we came to be where we are today.  Muddled in the middle of the right and the left, we are clueless.

In the 20th century, two opposing and very strong forces came to loggerheads and fought World War II.  On the left were those who supported equality, desired or forced on them by totalitarian governments.  They were represented politically as communists and socialists.  Communism won out over more tolerant socialism because one of the powers of the world, the Soviet Union, adopted the more extreme. 

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Oh, the parade of political candidates and right-wing lobby groups!  They sure know how to show their purity.  They sure know how to strut their "Christianity."  They absolutely know how to have Jesus give saliva tests and litmus tests.  Read the Gospels!  Check out how Jesus of Nazareth equates to...

Deporting 21 year olds who migrated to the U.S. with their parents when they were infants, and the only nation and culture they know is the United States of America.

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Class Warfare Takes Hold

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Not being able to run on his record, President Obama is proposing a stimulus bill to be paid for by the richest 1% in America. That's what he wants us to believe, anyway.

After three years of failed policy, the current administration wants to waste another half trillion dollars .the good news is- it's going to be paid for by taxes will be paid by a bunch of faceless millionaires. Conservatives are painting millionaires as businesspeople who go out and work every day trying to expand their businesses and when the time is right, will do some hiring. They call them job creators. Democrats see millionaires as a bunch of greedy people who get their money because there are a bunch of dumb people who are somehow handing it over to them. Although, I find this true when I think about the millionaires who are in professional sports, movie making, and recording artists. I don't see them creating a lot of jobs-tax them.

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AS THEY PARADE THEIR CHRISTIANITY... are some easy questions that refer directly to the presidential campaign and the self-assurance each current candidate tries to exhibit about their faith.  Inasmuch as there are no Moslems or Jews among the candidate list, we focus on the "Christianity" espoused by the eager candidates.  Regarding their recent speeches, debates, and proclamations, these questions should be easy:

Who is Joseph Smith?  Why is his brand of Christianity in question at this time?

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Buy pink? Not so fast!

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by Susan Bach, Director of Communications, Wisconsin BBB

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching a lot of football lately and have noticed all of the pink gloves, cleats and other accessories that NFL players have been wearing in October to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s hard NOT to notice when a 300-pound football player is wearing hot pink shoes! I applaud the NFL, and hope it makes a lot of money when it auctions off those items – since I know that all of the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

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It is laughable the way the right-wingers like to exaggerate out of proportion the very things they do themselves and to themselves.  Rick Perry has made statements and uses this in his TV ads in addressing Mitt Romney directly: "No amount of money, no matter how large, can buy back the past."  Talk about class warfare!

The Republican Party should be a shoo-in to win the next presidential election.  But they cannot even control their own party, let alone the nation.  The Florida Republicans ignored and rejected the national GOP party order to hold the primary election at a certain time.  They chose a much earlier time for their primary.  The national GOP threatened sanctions against the Florida Repubilcans just as they had done in the last presidential primary.  And this political party wants to criticize Obama for inexperience and lack of leadership!  Other states have also ignored the orders from the national GOP.

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Occupy Acumen

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When the occupying of Wall Street movement began, I will admit that I thought that it would be perhaps only a couple of days and everybody would go home. Nothing would've changed, but isn't that how demonstrations like these work? Make some noise, get a little publicity, then go home and continue your routine.

The movement is growing. There are demonstrations across the country including Milwaukee. But, let's ask the bigger question. What is being accomplished? There seems to be no coherent message. Everybody is a spokesperson. And, the movement is being lauded as the progressives' answer to the tea party. Yet the tea party had a message. They wanted smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government. And they were taxed enough already.

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In a plot line that only the most bigoted among us could ever concoct, the notorious Koch Brothers, the rich, right-wing Neanderthals, have purchased a slave in the year 2011.  Herman Cain, a black Republican, is being financed by the Brothers Grim.  They are clear in the ironic twist they are proposing.

Long considered extremists, and sometimes considered bigots, and also known for their Middle Ages perspective on workers, the poor, the middle class, etc., they have taken on a heretofore relative unknown black man, and digging into their bottomless pit of money, they have helped to thrust him into the GOP presidential mix.  Why?  Well, I suppose their distorted thinking has them certain that no one could call them bigots if they supported a black candidate.  Imagine a mind that thinks that way!

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Take a couple of these and call me in the morning: "Long Ties to Koch Brothers Key to Cain's Campaign" -Oct. 16, 20011

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As both Democratic and Republican candidates try to outdo each other with sanctimonious masks, some organization, some media, somebody has to call them out.  Not only are the religious postures sickening, they reflect a total ignorance of Christianity itself as expressed by Jesus of Nazareth.  Most of this evangelical drivel is based on tiny, anti-intellectual, and obscure biblical passages.  And even the passages themselves have been altered and changed through the years.  Monks who were transcribing Bibles made intentional and unintentional errors.  And the very translations themselves were heavily flawed.  And decisions concerning which books to be included in the Bible were done for selfish and/or political reasons.  You know what you can do with your hypocritical sanctimony.

Try on these quotes.  They at least are truer and more to the point.  To be misled by posturing politicians is a real threat to democracy.  If you read and listen to today's politicos you would think the Bible is the handbook for selfish and greedy brands of capitalism.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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Stop the Pulling! for dogs and their humans.

Stop the Pulling! A Lesson in Loose Leash Walking
Date: Monday, October 24, 2011
Time: 7:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Does your dog take YOU for a walk?  Are you tired of being embarrassed in front of the neighbors due to your dog’s lack of good walking manners?  If so, it’s time for you to take an hour out of your schedule and bring your dog to the "Stop the Pulling!" workshop at the Wisconsin Humane Society - Milwaukee Campus located at 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue.

Teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling in this game-like lesson using reward-based training.

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Halloween on the Cheap

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By Sheila Julson
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

Whether it’s a last-minute invite to a Halloween party, or just procrastination, coming up with a quick and reasonably-priced Halloween costume can leave one in horror. Come late October, a trip to the store will often lead to all the good costumes being picked over, leaving one with a choice of parading around as last year’s Hollywood blockbuster character, or cobbling together mismatched costume pieces discarded on the shelves.  Even the fun props and fake blood have been snapped up.

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Actions of Desperation

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The past couple of weeks, there has been more action by the president trying to revive the economy than there has been in the past three years. Logically, this is because the campaign for 2012 has begun.

Armed with some fresh talking points, the Democrats are now saying that without the opposition from the Republicans, we can look at all the accomplishments that  President Obama has had in the area of foreign affairs. Yet, I still find it mildly ironic that the winner of a Nobel peace prize is taking credit for assassinating evil leaders in the world.

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This Halloween season we see plenty of corn mazes and scary characters.  But nothing is more laden with lies, deception, and pomposity than our current list of possible presidential candidates.  It is time for some truth, wisdom, compassion, and insight to overcome all the lies, greed  and selfishness in U.S. politics...

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy, that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.  It is an exercise which always involves a certain number of internal contradictions and even a few absurdities.  The conspicuously wealthy turn up urging the character-building value of privation for the poor." -John Kenneth Galbreath

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Get ready.  You are about to be told all kinds of fairy tales following the November 1st date when it will be legal to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin.  The untrue and exaggerated stories have been told in every state that enacted such a law in recent decades.

After a few months the gun nuts will point out that crime has gone down since the concealed carry law was enacted.  What you will not be told is that crime had been going down each year for a long time before concealed carry was passed.  But that is how it was distorted in other states.  They also used these "statistics" when a state passed a law instituting capital punishment.  In both the case of concealed carry and capital punishment, crime was going down before the legislation.  In the case of capital punishment, it actually slowed the downward numbers regarding crime in certain states.

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