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And the days dwindle down...

 OK, it goes without saying that just about every American is sick and tired of this presidential campaign.

OK, we know that the constant barrage of ads can be unproductive.  But if you do not run ads, you become the forgotten man.  A candidate has to run ads as a sort of equalizer or survival matter.

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Healthy Soils Make Healthy Trees

Below the surface of the soil lies a complex soil food web we will likely never see. Without it, much of the plant life we enjoy would not be able to exist. The soil food web consists of many organisms that are beneficial to the health of the soil. This beneficial web is plentiful in an undisturbed forest setting, but can be diminished or lacking in some of the soils we have around our homes where our trees are trying to exist.

Many practices done to soils can disturb this fragile soil food web. Things like compacting the soil, overwatering, lawn treatments, removal of leaves and small branches, etc. can have major impacts on this fragile web. A healthy soil will need organisms like nematodes, beneficial fungi, bacteria, protozoa, arthropods, and certain other animals in order to maintain a favorable growing environment. These organisms play a critical role in nutrient cycling. Nutrient cycling is the process whereby plant materials are broken down into usable nutrients for plants to carry on life. 

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Oh, it could have been so much worse.  Imagine if the "new" Republican Party had won the White House.  The Party of lies and distortions.  The Party of "legal rape."  The Party of "birthers."  The Party of gay-bashing.  The Party catering to Big Pharma, big insurance, and the horrible mixture of war and corporate wealth.  The Party of special favors for the wealthy.  The Party of Palin, Cheney, Bush, Rove, Dan Quayle, Beck, Linbaugh, Trump.  Imagine what could have happened.  Imagine the Tea Party holding even more control.  Imagine anti-intellectualism being heralded.  Imagine our foreign policy formulated by mythology and special favors.  We were on the brink of this.  Whew!

Now we are again faced with a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate.

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Your Trees are Dormant in Winter - Our Arborists are Not

Wachtel Tree Science works throughout the winter months.  In fact, during the winter we perform many of our services.  We prune and remove trees and shrubs, and even remove stumps. Winters are ideal time to cable, and brace trees, install lighting protection, perform appraisals, consultations and site inspections. With the exception of insect and disease management, winter offers us an additional three months to perform our services.

Winter is an excellent time to work. The benefits are frozen ground, dormant perennials, inactive gardens and defoliated trees. The cold and sterile-like conditions of winter offer us the opportunity to prune trees and shrubs that are susceptible to, or under pressure from insect and disease problems. Trees that have infectious fungal or bacterial disease can have these infected branches pruned out in the winter and greatly reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

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After the recent election I thought we would be spared the long-long-long "expert" commentary and evaluation that had existed and come forth after each new poll.  Pundits were closer to "puns" and even closer to 2/3 of a pun: pee uuu.  It was disgusting and disturbing to listen to complicated analysis, and the exhibitions of self-styled important people so distort truth and even the most simple and obvious details.

Why were they so wrong about Romney?  Why were they so wrong about Obama?   It is really quite simple.

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The fact that we are experiencing climate change/global warming is so obvious that only someone ill-informed, un-informed, or one holding onto a political agenda that will not allow for climate change to exist would deny it,  even if the facts overwhelmingly prove it.  You may bring up any subject, no matter how easily it can be proven, and you will find someone, someplace who will take a divergent viewpoint.  However as sure as the sun rises in the east, we are experiencing multitude examples of climate change/global warming.  Over 95% of scientists in this field agree...probably closer to 99%.

Please do not confuse climate change/global warming  with occasional or temporary weather changes.  Climate change refers to something far beyond that.  We are referring to CLIMATE changes, not an abrupt weather change, or big snowstorm, or heavy rain, though any of those things can be indicative of climatic changes and global warming caused by human activity.

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The primary objective of pruning young trees is to develop a framework of sturdy, well spaced branches on a strong trunk. Good branch structure, proper form, and tree strength all develop with training pruning.

Pruning done early in a tree’s life removes weak branches and corrects form when branches are relatively small. This reduces the size of pruning wounds, which results in faster closure and less opportunity for decay.

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 Without chest-punding or sermonizing, let's discuss some basic "religious" questions...

How much of the "original" Bible was changed by errors or opinions of transcribing monks and others?

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Israel & Palestine: Impossible situation

There is one topic that will guaranty an argument in any group.  No matter which side of the "debate" you are on, there will be assertive disagreement.  That topic: the Israeli-Palestinian ongoing problem.

One can express what appears to be an honest, objective statement about the situation between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Moslems.  Immediately someone will object to your statement, and do so very agressively.

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Do You Have Faith in Your Tree Service?

The old Webster’s dictionary defines faith as being firm to ones promises; contracts and of being worthy of confidence and belief. At Wachtel Tree Science, we work as a team to build and maintain your faith in us as leaders in the tree care industry.

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New at the North Shore Library: E-Readers

Are you wondering if an e-reader is right for you? If so you can now check out an e-reader from the North Shore Library. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the North Shore Library we now have two Nooks and two Kindles loaded with a variety of great titles. The e-readers are available for check out at the Circulation Desk. So stop by the North Shore Library and check one out today

NOW! is the time to demand an honest Congress

After decades of being lied to and chiseled and deceived and endlessly accepting a Congress that has no intention of being honest and forthright with the American people, it is time to draw a line in the sand and DEMAND honesty and truth from Congress.  The Congress of the U.S. has been a horrid den of liars and thieves.  I am sick of it.

We should not have invaded Iraq.  That set into motion a horrible set of circumstnaces that has drained the U.S. Treasury.  Did entitlements do it?  No, war and favors to greedy corporations did it.

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