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Happening Now at the North Shore Library

Find out what is happening at the North Shore Library. Keep up with all of the upcoming programs and events here at the library. Also, get the updates on the latest and hottest books and movies to be added to the library’s collection.

Meet Jessie Garcia @ North Shore Library

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Meet Local Author Ludmilla Bollow

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Chad Lewis at North Shore Library

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To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now

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The Discovery of Magic

The Discovery of Magic

North Shore Library

September, 20th @ 1 p.m.


MEET astonishing magicians who made the impossible possible. 

EXPLORE incredible behind-the-scenes stories that most never hear

 and you will never forget.

WONDER at recreations of the baffling magic tricks behind the stories.

William’s show is a mix of magic and storytelling.

William, “The Magic History Expert,” cracks open his magic history

 scrapbooks to reveal a secret world of colorful characters,

amusing adventures, and arcane knowledge.



Please call the library at (414) 351-3461

or stop by the Reference Desk to register.

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