We like to teach American history as though we have been a nation that prides itself on emancipation.  We like to preceive ourselves as liberators and freedom providers.  Let's pause and reflect on how the United States of America has been so reluctant in granting "others" emancipation and freedom.

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We are in danger in America.  We need to give people some basic orientation and instruction about historical accuracy and objective journalism.  This would require a huge infusion of cash and nationwide honesty.  A national program of this scope would require immense amounts of capital. [Attention: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet].  If this does not happen, our democracy is in serious jeopardy.

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There always has been a threat in the United States from right-wing capitalism.  Early capitalism took advantage of underprivileged people to the extent that would not be tolerated in America today, so some capitalists have moved their operations overseas.  Initially capitalism abused child workers, had horrible working conditions that caused early deaths, paid miserly wages, etc.  The government of the U.S. went along with much of this, there was no safety net, and corporations built a greed-foundation that they still feel they have a right to carry out as they see fit.  Using stumbling blocks every step of the way, corporations began to yield to public pressure and reform.  But they remain reluctant to operate humanely.

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Through the years I have spoken and written about my personal interaction with the Martin Luther King family.  I repeat once again that a great untold story is the life and influence of the famous Martin Luther King's father, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. or "Daddy KIng," as he is affectionately known.  Some day a book, drama, and/or film will be made about "Daddy King."  His son is more famous and he is honored this week for his words and work as a great American.

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Let me state it openly.  Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and John Edwards did things that were reprehensible.  They cheated on their wives, and they took advantage of the good will placed in them by many fine people.  But none of those men presented themselves as saints, neither used piety as a self-proclaimed persona.  Nevertheless I must openly state that I am critical of them for this lapse in moral character.  But I am in no position to judge them beyond that statement.

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