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Who am I?  After a lifelong history of speeches, writing, service on about 40 not-for-profit boards, and many diverse activities in North America and Europe, it seems judging me can come from reading a couple of my blogs.  Of course that is nonsense, but it comes as part of the territory in the blog world.  So be it.  Below are a number of sentences that begin with FACTS about my life followed by conclusions quickly drawn by many ...far too many.

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 The biggest threat by the federal government to our individual freedoms and liberties have come from the right-wing.  History gives us a multitude of examples.

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Closing Gitmo.  No more torture.  Open the files.  Stop Halliburton's rape of our treasury.  Get past the psycho-secrecy of the Bush gang.  Interact with international friends and less-than-friends [not talking is what starts most wars], return to sanity in international relations, solidify PanAmerican relations, improve the Bush bail-out plan and try to help those in need not those in greed.  Do not reward corporations for taking their operations overseas and failing to pay taxes in the U.S. [obvious, but not done before].  Listen to all sides of an issue and do not exclude even the goofy neocons.  Iraq was doomed for break-up as soon as we invaded, get us out!  Pakistan is the major problem in the Middle East, and thanks for finally having the U.S. recognize and acknowledge it.  Create a fairer progressive tax structure.  As much as possible, get us to universal healthcare.  Frequent news conferences is a welcomed change.  If there is a problem, go directly to it as you did with the CIA, the troops in Iraq, the heavily damaged auto workers, etc.  You have taken on the office of the President of the United States in remarkable fashion, and have been nothing short of a miracle in managing to keep the ship of state afloat amid the plethora of problems left to you by one of the worst administrations in our nation's history.

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I'm not sure if I was living in Kansas City or Washington, but I do remember the first time I heard Tommy Thompson interviewed on TV.  I had been away from my native Wisconsin for quite a few years and had lost touch with the happenings in the state.  So, when I heard that the governor of the State of Wisconsin was about to be interviewed, I became very focused on listening.  I was prepared to be proud.  Instead I was flabberghasted!  Almost immediately I thought to myself, "Oh my, the people of Wisconsin have made a terrible mistake and will correct it in the next election."  Little did I know that Thompson would be elected over and over to that office.  Thompson always struck me as a guy with little intellect, easily compromised principles, and there were always whispers of his womanizing and intimate sideline activities.  But the media seemed to give him a free pass.

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***I must add something since I first posted this blog entry: I have received everything from threats to my personal safety, profane and vulgar personal attacks, and generally ignorant and violent language from right-wingers who think the material below is liberal or left-wing...PLEASE check out all the signees whose websites are listed below; some of them are conservatives, Republicans, and right-wingers.  Everything that does not mimic the sewage of Limbaugh, Hannity, et al is not liberal or left-wing.***

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