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To those who want to focus the life of Edward Kennedy on one incident in his life for which he should forever have been ashamed, I ask you to simply notice the avalanche of accoldades coming from the conservative leaders, past and present.  Note what is being stated clearly by Nancy Reagan, by politicians of the right-wing with names like Hatch, Romney, etc.  And from more moderate Republicans like John McCain.  Note especially how Teddy was able to work with those across the aisle to pass over 300 bills that bear his name and are now law.  Note how he was able to work with President George W. Bush to pass educational legislation.

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Hundreds of years ago, Jews began to migrate into Europe.  They found prejudice and bigotry everywhere.  To survive, they found a kink in the armor of all these "proper" Christian Europeans.  Their Christian puritanical streak would not allow them to loan money at a profit or interest.  Christian principles had nothing to do with it, it was a way for the rich to remain with their riches and for the poor to stay poor.  The Jews, who had no such double-standards and hypocrisy in the matter, found that they could make a living by giving out loans at a rate of interest.  Thus evolved the Jewish businessman.  The hypocritical Christians never fully forgave them for "taking advantage" of the hypocrisy, and bigotry fluorished through pogroms and other atrocities aimed at Jews.  The Holocaust was the culmination of "Christian" retribution against the Jews for being less hypocritical and making a profit from it. 

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Faced with a horrendous legacy of the George W. Bush years, President Barack Obama has done a remarkable job of righting the ship in many ways.  He appears to have turned around the financial abyss that Bush left him.  He is hastening the exit from our illegal war in Iraq.  He is trying to overcome the myriad mistakes that Bush made early in the war in Afghanistan when defeating the terrorists was a real possibility, as was capturing bin Laden in Torah Borah.  And he certainly has regained respect for the U.S. and re-built trust among the world's nations.

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Over 30 years ago I moved away from Wisconsin.  When I left the state I thought that our governors were about average for U.S. states.  After a few years,  I was watching TV in Kansas City and saw an interview with the Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson.  I was absolutely shocked.  I thought to myself, "Wow, the people of Wisconsin have made a terrrible mistake in electing this guy.  He is a buffoon at best."  I sure was wrong,  He was re-elected.  Now having moved back to Wisconsin, I still cannot understand why that guy was ever elected to anything.  He is an embarrassment to this state.

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Mayor Tom Barrett: Speedy Recovery, Old Friend

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is a decent man.  He is a good family man.  He is an honest man.  Tom Barrett loves the city he serves.

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