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"Ignorance" running for President

 With Ted Cruz's announcement that he is running for President of the United States, the field of candidates begins with an ignorant starter.  Ted Cruz does not believe in Climate Change, Same Sex Marriage, but does believe the answer to the mess in the Middle East is with the U.S. showing more military strength and rattling our swords for the Arabs and Iranians to see.  That represents the epitome of ignorance, and it is amazing that he would get even one vote.  But he will.

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Cheney, Scott Walker, Kochs, and down into the pit we go

As the nation-building of the United States trudged on into the 20th century, there was the evolution of an American Dream that tended to make life a little better and better for the common man.  Yes, there were set-backs, and yes, it took too long to extend equal rights to minorities.  Robber barons and greedy industrialists used every trick in the book to accumulate more and more riches, while they looked on unsympathetically at their abuse of child labor, inequality for women and minority workers, and took advantage of immigrant workers.  But at least through the administration of FDR and sparingly in the LBJ era, America saw an evolving progress in rights and sharing.  But now we have gone farther into the dark abyss of greed and the "American dream" is thought to be for the greedy few.  We are slipping on a day to day basis.

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Congress should be embarrassed about Netanyahu speech

Benjamin Netanyahu should not have addressed the U.S. Congress.  Period.  It has nothing to do with U.S.-Israeli alliances.  It has to do with respect for the President of the United States.  It also has to do with President Obama trying to find some way to reduce the threat of Iran's nuclear potential.

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Is you Is or Is you ain't Christian?

Arguing the obvious, it is absolutely ridiculous to argue politics through a religious framework or guidepost.

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Is Barack Obama A Christian?


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