Oregon massacre indicates...?

Nine more killings at a school/college.  This time in Oregon.  Are you man enough to admit guns are a big part of the problem, or do you need to hide behind guns and have the NRA shelter your opinion?

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Oh, how we need a quality President!

May the next President we elect know and understand the important meaning of these words and concepts:

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Reprehensible legacy of Ronald Reagan

Yet another book just came out that praises Ronald Reagan, and builds up an image of a man that is a total lie and deception.  Ronald Reagan led a life that was filled with immorality, dishonesty, lies, unfaithfulness, cheating, avoiding military service in World War II, adultery, sex with teenagers, forcing himself on a woman, and much, much more.  To try and set the record straight, do a little research, use a search engine, and use these as a guideline to find the truth about Ronnie...

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Trump is as frightening as Reagan

When it comes to selecting the President of the most powerful nation in the world one would think that the people would select someone with intellect among his/her strong points.  If you know anything about American history you know that we have had some real intellectual clunkers in the White House.

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We are all migrants of sorts

Do you think homo sapiens originated in Europe or America?  Or did they migrate into Europe from Africa?

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