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Right-wing destroying Wisconsin's proud history

As you reflect back on Wisconsin's rich political history, and remember names such as LaFollette, Dan Hoan, Frank Zeidler, Gaylord Nelson, Bill Proxmire,  Russ Feingold, etc., we are now in the middle of the total destruction of their contributions to equality, fairness, openness, morality, ethics, and the overall responsibility we each have for others.  Look what is happening today in state politics...

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Wondering and wandering...

With all the tremendous, positive press that Pope Francis is getting, wouldn't it be nice if he could arrange to have an ecumenical, initial meeting with leaders of other Christian denominations...Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican/Episcopal, Coptic, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.?  It might only be for general discussions and not begin with differences, but explore possible ways they could cooperate for a better world.  We need only to look to the ecumenical dimensions Jesus explored regarding Samaratins, etc.

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My opinion on higher education

Yes, the following commentary will be most decidedly my opinion.  First, something about my background in education, especially higher education.  The following is a part of my experience in the field...

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U.S. Progress: greed, me-first, mine-mine-mine

The happiest people in the world, in all recent polling, are either the Danes or the Finns.  And the Swedes and Norwegians are usually ranked up there near the top.  Why?  What could be the reason these Scandinavians are always ranked happier than the people from the far richer USA?  What is different in Scandinavia that could make them so much happier than Americans?  It sure isn't the weather.  Hmmm.

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Could Scott Walker be that dumb?

Looking over the John Doe investigation materials just released, the probe into the staff of Scott Walker gives us some interesting alternatives in judging them.  Was Walker so dense, so stupid that he did not know what was going on close to him while Milwaukee County Executive?  Or was he so smarmy, so scheming that he took careful, sleazy precautions not to attach himself to all the felonies being committed by top members of his staff?  Though dirty, smeared politics are involved in the Walker office, it would take either an idiot or a sullied plotter to keep from being directly attached to secret files and other illegal activities swirling around him in his Milwaukee office.

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