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Pay attention to Wis. Republican statements

 Meeting in Milwaukee this weekend, the state Republican Party has had to hide from itself.  If could not possibly be open and up-front or it would erase itself.  So, it had to do a double-shuffle, a magical trick in order to have the general public accept the Republicans without up-chucking.  Consider...

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Wealthy, Successful, still ignorant

American history is loaded with people who are "successful" and wealthy and still conduct their lives stupidly. Reminding you of the stupidity of the rich and famous is easy as pie.

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The certainty of ignorance

The responses I get to my blabberings here have rarely been a topic for me to comment about.  But there are some constants that need to be revealed.  If you have opinions, and that is what a blog is, and those opinions are seen as liberal or progressive, then most of your mail will be sadistically criticized and threatened.  It seems that right-wingers are far more violent in their opinions than tree-huggers are.  And through the years I have regularly experienced some violent threats to my written words or to my radio and TV words.  But that's not the whole story about right-wing criticism.

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Our convaluted, hypocritical beliefs

There are lots of chests being pounded by the self-styled "righteous" political candidates in the U.S.  Lots of holy speeches.  Lots of religious egos paraded.  Lots of lies, deceit, and distortions. 

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Blogs are resplendent in opinions, often "over the top."  Blogs are usually political, social, economic, or spiritual expressions.  I have chosen to comment about "love."  Is that a bridge too far?  Love comes in so many forms, textures, styles, depths, etc.  Love is not gender-specific or even species-specific.  People have love for neighbors, pets, friends, partners, spouses, divinities, and even inanimate objects.  So, from an open and free place, I share with you some quotes about love.  Who knows, these may even enhance your love?

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