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Ending the Cuban blockade/embargo

Yes, I know there are and have been good reasons for a blockade/embargo of Cuba.  But for the U.S. to hold fast to its approach to Cuba through all these years is to ignore the world around us.  My feelings do not fit a sort of capitulation regarding Cuba.  Not a surrender.  But recognizing reality.

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CIA atrocities "business as usual"

The most alarming part of the revelations about the C.I.A. using torture, the lies they told Congress, etc. is that so many people are surprised.  This report gives some statistics of the CIA doing business as usual.  What is not surprising is that people like the GOP leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, thinks that this information should not be released to the public.  And initially he even defended the actions of the CIA, though I think public pressure will have him tone down this support.

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A clue to health and happiness...

Listening to an interview on "On Being" on National Public Radio [NPR], the interviewee related about how she has learned to sleep better and become healthier.  She said that each night before going to sleep she verbalizes three things for which she is grateful.  That's it.  And she said she sleeps more soundly and is actually healthier.  Hmmm.  Without being greedy, selfish, or self-serving only, I came up with a partial list from which I shall choose three things I shall verbalize out loud each night before I go to sleep.  Each night, three things from among the following...

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Tempering the growing militarism

Whenever one writes suggesting caution when it comes to militarism, the hawks love to criticize and say that we should never surrender.  Surrendering is not what this blog is about.  However those who are such violent and military zealots should realize that sometimes this is more a sign of cowardice than manliness.  When the crowd fervor spirals out of control about militarism and using weaponry to solve our problems, there is a time to pause and take inventory of where our zealotry may lead us.  Among the following quotes are some from military leaders, Founding Fathers, and people who were not wimps or prone to surrender...

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Obamacare good for capitalism

Without a single shred of substantiated evidence, Obamacare has been chastised by right-wingers who hate President Obama and want to take down one of his most important accomplishments.

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