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And "holy" Christians judge Moslems...

Continuing from my last blog entry...

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Christian terrorism against Moslems

With Islamophobia rampant in the United States, perhaps it is time to pause and put things into some perspective.  Far too many Americans judge Islam based on the actions of some extreme right-wing nuts in the Middle East.  These crazies have carried on their hatred and violence in the name of Mohammed to all parts of the world.  If you haven't read the teachings and writings of Mohammed, you are prone to think of all Islam as loaded with terrorism, hatred, bigotry, distorted fundamentalism, sexist judgmentalism, extreme parochialism, and purposely misleading statements and actions about Islam itself.  Misleading.

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Self-righteous, conservative hypocrites...

It is never-ending; the self-pious, the self-righteous, the self-religious, the self-proud.  The question is not how much good can these self-righteous people do, the question is how much harm can they do?

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What would Jesus do?

Those who parade their self-pious, intolerant, bigoted behavior bother me most.  It matters little whether they are Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, "spiritual," or whatever.  These strutting judgmentalists give no evidence of their tie to any religious leader who was ethical, moral, tolerant, loving, etc.  They are simply people-haters, and they single out one or two groups to hate and judge and lambast.

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"Casablanca" redux

In the film "Casablanca," everybody went to Rick's Place.  The French Inspector spent time there just about every day.  When the occupying Nazi German officials had cause to suspect Rick's, they used the excuse that gambling was going on there.  Of course gambling was going on; everybody knew that, including the Inspector.  However, playing the game to salve the Nazis, the Inspector feigned ignorance and said he was "shocked, do you hear me, shocked" to find out gambling was going on.

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