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    Well, it's been a while, that's true.  It's funny, because so many people told me that two children is nothing like 1.  They're right.  It's a lot better!  It's also a lot busier.  Because it's been so long since my last post, I decided that I would return to Roasted Nuts without my writing staff.  And with that....

    Let's get onto today's topic:  the primaries.  One of the things that I have spent so much time doing in the last several months is watching is the 2008 election coverage.  Oh sure, every 4 years someone says it, but I'll say it right now:  we are living in a truly historic time.  We have, in succession, the first African American and the first woman to win a Presidential primary.  Ever.  And even though the country is 230 + years old, it took until this year, this month, for both of these events to happen. The Democrats are more energized than ever.  And the stories of each of the Democratic candidates are compelling as well.  Barack Obama speaks with an almost intoxicatingly optimistic fervor.  John Edwards fights to bring back a bygone era of commitment to the middle class.  As for Hillary, she recalls, well, Bill Clinton and 8 great years of economic growth in our country. 

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Glendale Traffic / Pedestrian Study: Make the streets safer for children, pedestrians and bikers

Hmm, how should I say this?  "I told you so" is too harsh.  How about a more collegial, "Hey, I'm glad Glendale's finally going to take a look at evaluating traffic safety along Good Hope and Green Bay!" 

As many of you know, I am running for Glendale alderperson for the 4th District.  When I first sought to represent the 4th District, I took to the streets to meet with fellow residents and discuss their concerns. 

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