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Fake Checkpoint Makes Fake Sense


Sometimes you gotta wonder.  I mean, really.  You gotta wonder.

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Vote YES on the County Referendum

I've written this post a number of times, and keep having problems posting it for some reason. It's been deleted twice by accident. Determined as I am to get the message out, I'll keep it brief. I was concerned about the property tax referendum and so I contacted my County Supervisor, Theodore Lipscomb, of the 1st District, who spent some time informing be about the issues. Here is a some of what I learned: •The Milwaukee County Parks System has deferred nearly $300 million in maintenance costs, and expects greater service cuts in 2009. •MCTS is in even worse condition, heading for a deficit of almost $18 million in the next two years. •In other communities, bus systems have been doing extremely well in the face of higher gas prices. Milwaukee should doing more to promote ridership and take advantage of these tough economic times. •Letting the MCTS fail is not an option. Thousands of people rely on the bus system to get to jobs, schools, and medical services. If the bus system fails, there are no alternatives for these people, and our local economy would suffer greatly. •The county can begin to address these problems by increasing the sales tax for roughly one penny on the dollar. In turn, about 25% of the county's portion of your property tax bill will be reduced. Dedicated funding for these services will be established. And the best part is, Milwaukee County residents will foot a smaller portion of these taxes. They would pay only 60% of the new sales tax. A lot of the information that has been compiled is readily available online, or can be reviewed at Clearly, there are a number of considerations, and I am not sure that a sales tax is the best way to address these problems. However, the referendum is advisory, and a strong yes vote would send a clear message that Milwaukee County residents care about their parks and care about their transportation services. Perhaps its time to try something new. Especially if its for such important purposes. Vote yes.

Huh. What should I do now? Huh.

It was weirdly anticlimactic for me yesterday. Virtually assured of an Obama victory in advance, after two years of campaigning, blood boiling, and all sort of What do I do now? Huh.


You know, I was really getting nervous. Nervous in a reckless leg syndrome kind of a way. Ever since casting my vote on Tuesday. First, the excitement dwindled. Then the news feeds slowed. Suddenly, it was no longer an election cycle. I didn't have anything to do. What was left for me to comment on? Had I become so involved with matters of local and national politics that I had left myself with nothing relevant to say anymore? I fiddled with a few ideas, worried that my keen insight for the absurd had somehow waned in the face of freebies like Sarah Palin. Sigh. Thank goodness for Journal Broadcasting. Brazenly biting the hand that feeds me (or at least the hand that lets me post online), the newest nut to roast has to be WKTI. Or WLWK. Or whatever. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I really listed to anything but NPR for the last decade anyhow. It's just that some things are an American institution. Somewhere in my parents' basement I still have a few of those old WKTI Tail Gator pins. Those were hot. And though every song on the network sounded exactly the same to me, there's still something incredibly insane about abandoning WKTI. And I'm not talking about the music format. I'm talking about the call letters. Call letters are a very significant part of marketing. And so are nicknames. But who the heck came up with "WLWK?" I mean, it's one thing to call a station by new letters. It's another thing to totally ditch iconic station call letters. WZTR 95.7 famously changed it's name when new owners bought it out. Ditching "Star 95", it also ditched some of the coolest letters on the dial. Now it's WRIT. Just boring. WQFM 93.3 became WJZI for jazz. The QFM thing is personal for me, cause my first law office was in QFM's building on 6th and Wisconsin. They had the top floor. Way cool suite. Would you believe there are actually websites devoted to Milwaukee's past stations? One bemoans not just the loss of QFM, but of WLPX.

Chutzpah! The new story of corporate welfare in a Lame Duck America


Happy Turkey Day!

Well, my favorite time of the year is barely days upon us.  A day of unconditional, unrestricted, unrepetent gorging.  Eat.  Sleep.  Watch TV.  Man oh man, that's the kind of holiday I'm talking about.

Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday, and ranks up there for me.  For me, in ways, it's more patriotic than the 4th of July.  It gives us a time to be with family and reflect upon what it is that our country has to offer, and how it is that we all came to be a part of this great nation---whether our families arrived here recently or centuries ago.

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