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Happy 4th of July!

Just a quick reminder that for one day, we can put all the cynicism aside and come together as a country united in the notion that we kicked some serious British hiney after writing one of the most revered kiss-off letters history has known.

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Spill, Baby, Spill!

We're no longer on the eve of an environmental disaster.  This is the day of environmental disaster.  As reports flood in that oil has already reached the shores of Louisiana, many of us are asking, "Why?"  Others are asking, "How?"  And finally, Republicans are asking, "So what?" 

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The Final Frontier....Airlines, that is...

 I don't know what's worse--that the uppercrusters at Frontier Airlines think all we care about is the cookies, or that the oafs at the journal sentinel think we're so insecure about our food issues here that we need reassurance in the headlines.

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These Friends of Mine...Remember to vote for Ellen!

 With the Nicolet School Board election just around the corner (almost immediately after spring break), I thought I'd get out the word now on why I'm voting for Ellen Redeker.

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Oscar Picks

Not sure what the problem is.  3rd time's a charm...

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