Scholaris Gifted Academy

Connie Gordon has twenty years classroom experience working in the field of gifted education, and is the founder of Scholaris Gifted Academy. Under the guidance of Sharon Gerleman, Connie has developed and taught graduate level classes in gifted education and has designed adjunct programs specifically for gifted learners.

Personality and Learning Styles of Gifted Learners

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Gifted 101

academy, children, education, gifted, giftedness, learners, Milwaukee, school, underachieving, perfectionism, overexcitabilities, twice-exceptional, genius denied,

Scholaris Gifted Academy had tremendous growth over the past year, as a school and as a community supporting gifted learners.  Not only have we doubled our physical space since opening last year, but we have also doubled our student body. We are so grateful to everyone for your support and continued trust. This month parents in the SGA community will again be hosting monthly meetings for anyone interested in learning more about gifted learners and their unique needs. 

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